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Publishing/Production: Sexpositive Productions: Press Releases: Please Don't Stop

For Immediate Release

October 5, 2001


Press Contact:
Andrea Burnett
Good Vibrations Public Relations
415-974-8985 ext 203

Distributor Contact:
Tony Rousmaniere
Business Coordinator
Sexpositive Productions
415-974-8985 ext 270

Please Don't Stop: Lesbian Tips On Givin' and Gettin' It

Good Vibrations Releases Their First Explicit Educational Video for Adults

San Francisco, CA -- October 5, 2001 -- Good Vibrations, the legendary San Francisco-based, women-owned and operated sex toy, book and video store, announces the release of Please Don't Stop: Lesbian Tips On Givin' and Gettin' It, their first educational video for adults from their new video production division, Sexpositive Productions.

Please Don't Stop is one of the first sexually explicit educational videos ever created expressly for and by lesbians of color. It's an orgasmic exploration of sex and sexuality that boldly addresses the cultural lenses through which we look at our bodies. Featuring an all-women-of-color cast and crew, genuine female orgasms, and a spectacular female ejaculation scene, Please Don't Stop flows freely between conversations about anatomy and sexuality and explicit sex scenes.

Written and directed by San Francisco filmmaker Oriana Bolden, the film offers viewers detailed, intimate discussions about sex. The film is broken up into several vignettes which centers on a seven-woman discussion group in a casual living-room setting. Through this series of vignettes, the women demonstrate how lesbians and lesbian couples can attain higher levels of sexual pleasure and intimate connection.

Please Don't Stop also provides the viewer with detailed information on adult products ranging from lubricants to harnesses. Throughout the film, the women engage in ample dialogue about sensory play, G-spot stimulation, safe sex options and masturbation, and provide encouraging messages to women about exploring their own sexuality and finding sex-positive community groups and organizations.

Tender, intimate scenes between partners makes Please Don't Stop stand out from the rest.

"Finally, lesbians of color have a complete guide to sensual play, made specifically for them!" exclaims Sarah Kennedy, producer of Sexpositive Productions. "Please Don't Stop is informative, sexy, diverse and heavenly, designed with pleasure for all women in mind. We're proud of this video because we feel like we're responding to the needs of our loyal clientele and, more specifically, women of color. Please Don't Stop is exactly the type of diverse, educationally explicit adult video our customers have been asking for over the years."

Sexpositive Productions, a company dedicated to the creation of high quality, original adult videos and DVDs, was initially established in February of this year by women for women, and is committed to the development of sizzling, explicit, respectful adult videos that pay recognition to the multitude of ways people experience their sexuality.

Please Don't Stop will be available in late September. Visit

Please Don't Stop features:

  • Women of all sizes and ages (23 to 50)
  • A cast and crew comprised entirely of women of color
  • Women with sexual experience ranging from little to vast
  • Ample discussion and modeling of a range of topics from communication to masturbation to sensation play.
  • A wide range of experiences and a wide spectrum of female sexuality
  • A noteworthy female ejaculation scene
  • Fun, casual sharing of information between women with no condescending towards the viewers or participants.

About Sexpositive Productions

Established in 2001, Sexpositive Productions is a production company dedicated to the creation of high quality, artistic adult videos. All videos produced by Sexpositive Productions are endorsed by noted sex educators, sex therapists, industry leaders, and sexual health organizations. Sexpositive Productions videos educationally model realistic and healthy sexual interaction with respect for the many ways people experience their sexuality. They offer viewers a unique selection of wide-ranging topics that provide open-minded information for a diverse audience, with special emphasis placed on mutual respect, enthusiastic participation and women's pleasure. Sexpositive Productions strives to portray erotic images underrepresented in the adult industry and popular media, while delivering the authentic heat that audiences have been clamoring for. Sexpositive Productions takes pride in providing their viewers with videos that empower people and create change.

About Good Vibrations

Established in 1977, Good Vibrations is a worker-owned and operated cooperative comprised mostly of women, who strive to help women and men realize and celebrate their sexual health and potential. They're a group of individuals committed to making the world a place where sex is no longer associated with shame, and pleasure is recognized as a birthright. Good Vibrations' branches include retail stores in San Francisco and Berkeley, California; a mail order catalog; web site,; publishing company Down There Press; audio division Passion Press; Sexpositive Productions, the GV Video Production Team; and an Education/Outreach department that presents educational workshops nationwide.


People Are Raving About Good Vibrations' Sexpositive Productions Videos

"Good Vibrations is producing the best sex videos in the world today. Finally there are some sex films that can stimulate ALL of our chakras at once! Thanks Good Vibes. You go!"
-- Dr. Annie Sprinkle, Prostitute/Porn star turned Transmedia Artist/Sexologist

"At last! Adult entertainment for the rest of us! God Vibe's entry into the world of video is long awaited and much anticipated. If mainstream porn leaves you cold, these videos are for you; sassy, diverse and divine, designed with pleasure for all in mind."
-- Nina Hartley, internationally acclaimed adult video star and sexual advice columnist

"Real people having hot sex the way people really have it and useful information presented in a sexy and accessible way -- we've waited a long time for more videos like this! As usual, Good Vibrations lives up to its motto: "if you want something done right, do it yourself: -- encouraging Sexpositive Productions fans to take these videos home and so the same."
-- Dr. Carol Queen, PhD., Sexologist and author of Real Live Nude Girl and Exhibitionism for the Shy