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About Good Vibrations: Press Releases: Making Valentine's Day an Everyday Tradition

For Immediate Release

November 28, 2001

For more information:
Andrea Burnett
Good Vibrations Public Relations
415-974-8985 ext 203

Making Valentine's Day an Everyday Tradition

Good Vibrations Has the Best Gift Ideas for Romantics

San Francisco, CA -- November 28, 2001 -- This year, make romantic Valentine's Day traditions such as taking a relaxing weekend vacation in bed with your lover or offering your partner a sumptuous sensual massage a part of your everyday enjoyment. From spicing up your love life to exploring best-selling erotica, Good Vibrations is there to help with some of the most trusted sex toys, books and videos.

These creative ideas (straight from the expert staff of Good Vibes!) are guaranteed to put romance into everyday life. Here is a list of sample surprises for couples to sprinkle throughout the year and enjoy.


Sweet Life: Erotic Fantasies For Couples
Violet Blue, editor
Ignite your relationship now! Good Vibrations' erotica reviewer Violet Blue has gathered couples' most popular -- and most taboo -- fantasies (as written by today's top erotica writers) and created a sizzling, no-holds-barred collection of explicit first-time encounters in which couples turn their deepest desires into reality. Powerfully written stories contain charming characters. $14.95.

Pucker Up: A Hands On Guide to Ecstatic Sex
Tristan Taormino
The author of the best-selling Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women makes her second entry an accurate, updated overview of the whole enchilada. In her frank tone, Taormino breezes through subjects that range from anatomy and communication to sex toys and giving beginners a good place to glean the basics. Although in many instances she skims the surface of the pond, it's a great start for planning your sexual adventures. $25.00.

Toys aren't just for kids anymore! Adults have a plethora of toys to choose from at Good Vibrations, including these special Valentine's Day gift ideas:

Bonds Have More Fun Kit: a fun beginner's bondage kit that Good Vibrations created based on hundreds of customer requests. Iridescent pink material turns the cuffs and blindfold into decedent pleasure devices, and the cuffs have a nice fit that provides pressure without discomfort. A cute pink feather duster is perfect for that special someone who has been "nice," while the black leather slapper (and its faux-fur reverse side) gives a little sting to those who have been "naughty." $40.00.

Remote Butterfly: until now, most remote-controlled vibrators have been bulky and rather obnoxious -- not great for fans of discreet external vibration. The Remote Butterfly is slim enough to wear comfortably and, though the buzz is audible in a quiet room, it's great for fun and games at home or in busier locales. Features a range up to 25 feet. $75.00.

Turn down the lights and spice up movie night with these adult videos! In Unreal (directed by Antonio Passolini), Monica English is dissatisfied with what she considers an ordinary life and, as a result, her sexual fantasies take over, compelling her to do outrageous things that empower her sexually. Internationally famous film star Chloe shines in this incredible performance and is supported by a terrific cast, original script and high production values. Her sex scenes are unforgettable. $39.95.

No Man's Land Asian Edition: Two beautiful, strong-willed and in-love Asian lesbians are living their ordinary lives when one woman's cousin decides to attend fashion school nearby. Because of family obligations, they let her live with them and pretend to be roommates -- that is, until the lovely cousin seduces one of them! This sexy love fest doesn't stop there, and offers up plenty of hot scenes. $34.95.

NOTE TO EDITORS AND PRODUCERS: Good Vibrations is your best resource for sexuality authors, experts and pundits. Whether you're looking for romantic story ideas and anecdotes, steamy sex tales, step-by-step instructions, guides or tips, we've got an expert who can help. If you are interested in booking or interviewing a sexuality professional, please contact Andrea Burnett (415) 974-8985 ext 203.

About Good Vibrations

Established in 1977, Good Vibrations is a worker-owned and operated cooperative comprised mostly of women, who strive to help women and men realize and celebrate their sexual health and potential. They're a group of individuals committed to making the world a place where sex is no longer associated with shame, and pleasure is recognized as a birthright. Good Vibrations' branches include retail stores in San Francisco and Berkeley, California; a mail order catalog; web site,; publishing company Down There Press; audio division Passion Press; Sexpositive Productions, the GV Video Production Team; and an Education/Outreach department that presents educational workshops nationwide.