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We carry so many condoms because they each have something different to offer… and every brand we sell is someone’s favorite!

The Basics
With American-style condoms, the latex is usually a little thicker. Some men find that these reduce sensation, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Many men really like these condoms because reduced sensation means longer-lasting sex.

With Japanese-style condoms, the latex is usually a little thinner. This creates more sensation and also makes them somewhat stretchier, providing additional accommodation for larger penises. Don’t worry about them breaking though; these are just as strong as their American counterparts.

Beyond the Basics
There are a few brands of condoms specially designed with pleasure in mind. These may have spirals, ribs or nubs. Some of them fit snuggly on the shaft, but have a bulbous pouch at the head which slides back and forth with each thrust, adding extra sensation. Some circumcised men say it feels like having a foreskin.

Some condoms are made from super thin latex or polyisoprene. These provide maximum sensation and many men report that it feels like wearing nothing at all

If you want to have tasteful oral sex, we also carry mouth-watering flavored condoms.

Finding the Perfect Fit
Buying condoms is just like buying clothes… you need to try them on to see what fits. That’s one of the reasons we sell singles. Pick a few different brands or try one of our variety packs. Use one for a few minutes then swap it out for another. When you sample condoms back to back, you get a better comparison. Need a different size? We carry snugger fits as well as wider and larger ones. When you find your favorite, don’t forget to hang on the wrapper or make note of the name!

Latex Sensitivity
If you or your partner find that condoms cause burning or irritation, you may be sensitive to latex. Fortunately, we have non-latex options, some of which are even compatible with oils. You may also want to try a different brand of latex condom since some people are actually sensitive to the lubricant specific to that brand. Add your own lube; you may be uncomfortable due to friction rather than a latex sensitivity.

Tips and Tricks
Are those condoms you’ve had in the back of your dresser for a while expired? Check the expiration date. All condoms sold in the US have a 5-year expiration date printed on every wrapper. As latex ages, it becomes brittle and more likely to break.

Keep condoms away from heat and direct sunlight. Heat makes latex more fragile. Don’t keep condoms in the glove compartment of your car. It’s okay to put a condom in your pocket when going on a date, but don’t keep one in your wallet.

Using condoms is only an interruption if you let it be. Keep them close and find ways to incorporate them in your play. Try putting it on your partner with your mouth.

Put a few drops of a latex-compatible lubricant in the head of the condom before putting it on. Not only will this reduce air bubbles and the chance of breakage, but it also increases sensation for the wearer. Thinner water-based or silicone lubes generally work better than gels. Never use oils with latex or polyisoprene condoms! They will break in less than a minute.

Roll the condom all the way down and check to make sure that it’s still there during sex. Sometimes, condoms can slip off, especially if they’re not rolled completely down.

After ejaculation, hold the base of the condom. It is important to pull out before you get too soft. As the penis softens, the condom is more likely to come off.

Wrap them in tissue if you want, but be sure to throw used condoms in the trash. Flushing them down the toilet can clog pipes.