Donations from Good Vibrations

Thank you for contacting Good Vibrations concerning your upcoming fundraiser or event. We here at Good Vibes are proud to be community partners with non-profit organizations throughout the Bay Area and beyond that promote sex-positivity and our core values.

Due to the large amount of submissions we receive each week, please read the following guidelines before submitting your request.

Good Vibrations requires at least one month's notice prior to your event in order to consider your request. Requests made with less than one month's notice may not be responded to. We will process donation requests on the 15th of the month.

Good Vibrations does not provide monetary donations, and will only provide in-kind product donations usually in the form of a goodie bag and/or gift card for a raffle prize at your event..

An organization can only receive one donation per calendar year in order to extend our resources to their most beneficial capacity.

Please note that our company policy prohibits us from donating items to the following groups:

  • sports teams
  • religious or political organizations
  • any group where the proceeds of the event go to children under the age of 18. This policy continues to apply even if no children will be present at the event due to the adult nature of our business and products. Thank you.

To make a formal request, please fill out the following information in an email, with 'Donation Request' in the subject line, to:
Andy at

If you are near our Brookline, MA store, please email Kristen at

Donation requests are processed on the 15th of each month and approved donations must be picked up on the 1st of the following month (or closest weekday). If approved, you must be able to pick up the donation that day at 1620 Polk street in San Francisco, or 308A Harvard Street in Brookline.

Good Vibrations donation request form

Full name of organization _______________________________________________
Name of Contact Person _______________________________________________
Organization's Street Address ___________________________________________
Organization's 501(c) 3# _______________________________________________
Contact Email Address ________________________________________________
Contact phone Number ________________________________________________
Organization's website _________________________________________________
Date of Event _______________________ Date donation is needed______________

Brief Synopsis of Event/Organization:

Estimated number of event attendees: _____________

What kind of donation item are you looking for? (One raffle bag/ Multiple smaller prizes/ Gift card/ Books/ Safer sex supplies/ Other):

Will someone from your organization be able to pick up the donation from one of our store pick up locations? (Either our Polk Street store in San Francisco, CA or our Brookline store in MA)? _______________________

What forms of advertising/logo placement will you be providing in exchange for the donation? ______________________________________________________________________________

Do you require a logo, ad (if so specify size and medium), mission statement or other info for your advertising collateral? ______________________________________________________________________________

*Please attach basic info and/or mission about your organization and event for review, as well as your logo for our community partner page. Thank you!