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Good Vibrations Statement on G-Spot Surgery: Natural Process of Arousal Is Primary

For Immediate Release

June 5, 2007

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Dr. Betty Sullivan
Good Vibrations Press Contact
(415) 503-1375

Good Vibrations Statement on G-Spot Surgery:
Natural Process of Arousal Is Primary

SAN FRANCISCO - (June 5, 2007): Responding to recent news reports on the surgery commonly referred to as the “G-Shot,” Good Vibrations, the legendary Bay Area company that prides itself on providing educational materials and accurate information on sexuality and toys for adults, is encouraging women to gain a full understanding of the natural process of sexual arousal before deciding to seek the procedure.

“Plastic surgeons who have developed experimental techniques to enhance G-spot sensations in women, and the women who pursue this option, have bypassed the most important element of healthy sexual functioning,” said Carol Queen, PhD, Good Vibrations staff sexologist and chief cultural officer. “That element is simply understanding the natural process of sexual arousal.”

The procedure, commonly called the "G-Shot," involves the injection of collagen into a woman's anterior vaginal wall. It is the latest in a series of new techniques introduced by the medical and pharmaceutical fields which purport to enhance a woman’s ability to achieve orgasm.

“These new methods ignore the role of good sex education and the importance of sexual communication with a partner,” Queen said. “Not only does this expensive and extreme procedure lure women into the doctor's office, it’s untested and it may not even work.

"When a woman isn't responding to partner sex the way she wants to or thinks she should, the reason is often that she doesn't understand her own body's responses and can't give her partner the right information about how to best arouse her," Queen said. "She may assume a medical fix is the best option, but there is no substitute for basic knowledge and comfortable exploration."

For women and their partners who are interested in G-spot play, Good Vibrations offers the educational movie G Marks the Spot: A Good Vibrations Guide to the G-Spot. A no-nonsense introduction to finding and optimally stimulating the elusive erogenous zone, the DVD is available from Good Vibrations for $29.95, or for $79.00 as part of the Golly G-Spot Kit. The kit includes lubricant and a specifically designed, high-quality silicone G-spot vibrator. G Marks the Spot features an erotic show-and-tell format to explain why many women find G-spot stimulation effective and why not all women have yet discovered those sensations.

"Intercourse may not be the best way to experience G-spot stimulation," says Queen, whose doctorate in sexology is accompanied by nearly 17 years experience working with customers in Good Vibrations stores, discussing sexual enhancement and exploration with the press and developing staff educational programs.

"G-spot stimulation is rarely even comfortable for a woman unless she's optimally aroused. Any woman or couple wanting to explore G-spot stimulation can have a wonderful time doing it, but skipping that process of exploration is never something we'd recommend,” Queen explained.

"Young adults today grew up with abstinence-only sex education," she notes, and there's nothing about this that prepares them to explore and experience pleasure.” Queen recommends the new book I ♥ Female Orgasm, by sex educators and real-life partners Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller, to help women of all age and their partners catch up on all the information they didn't get in school.

Good Vibrations store and call center staff members are well-trained to provide information about arousal, orgasm, the G-spot, toy use and other aspects of sex that customers often have questions about. The web store,, features a wide range of pleasure-enhancing products and informational books and videos. Enter "G-spot" or "orgasm" in the search box to see a complete range of offerings.

About Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations is the San Francisco-based retailer trusted for three decades to provide a comfortable, safe environment for finding sex-positive products and educational materials to enhance one’s sex life. Good Vibrations offers its products through its retail stores, mail order catalog and its ecommerce website at

Dr. Carol Queen, PhD is available for interviews.
For more information, contact Dr. Betty Sullivan at (415) 503-1375 or