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First-Time Shopping Tips for Couples

So, you're thinking about purchasing a sex toy/video/etc. for you and your partner, but are wondering how you can find the right products for your individual needs, desires, and budget? Well, coming to the Good Vibrations' web site is an excellent first step, along with checking out these great tips that will help you make the best possible decisions regarding which products belong in your bedroom.

Let’s Talk about It

Being able to talk about sex is one of the most important ingredients to getting what you want. That’s definitely the case when picking out sex toys. The first and most important step is to try to figure out what you and your partner would like out of the experience. Be as specific and honest with each other as possible. Looking at our web site together and finding products that interest you is a great way to start that discussion. If you and your partner would like to try incorporating a vibrator into your routine, talk about what kind of sensations you would like to explore. A vibrator that focuses on clitoral stimulation is different than one used for penetration, or one that lets you experience both. This holds equally true for anal sex. Saying something like “I want to try an anal sex toy” can make one person think of a 7-inch realistic looking dildo and another think of a butt plug, anal beads, or a thin vibrating toy.

Being honest also includes discussing any physical limitations or allergies you might have. If you know you are allergic to latex, prone to yeast infections, or simply have a bad back, there are certain products to avoid. Materials, colors, sizes, and functions are just a few of the basic components you should consider when picking out your toys. Our product descriptions and friendly staff can help you find out which items will work best for you. The more specific you can be about your intentions, the easier it will be to find a toy that fits your desires and needs.

SESAs and You

Our SESAs (Sex Educator/Sales Associates) go through over 40 hours of training (and quarterly continuing education classes) to know the ins and outs of human physiology, sexual response, and all the products we carry. And most importantly, they want to help you! While you may feel embarrassed asking for a SESA’s advice or questioning them about certain features of a product, that’s what they are there for! At GV, we don’t believe any question is stupid, especially if it concerns your sexual health and enjoyment. In fact, Good Vibrations was created specifically for providing a safe, clean space where people could get accurate sex information for happy, healthy sex lives. We pride ourselves on carrying a diverse assortment of products that caters to a large variety of people, so there is a lot to choose from. While this can be overwhelming at first, being able to communicate your needs to a friendly expert (and our SESAs certainly are) can make your first shopping trip enjoyable as well as informative.

When going through our website, either solo or with your partner, make note of certain toys, videos, or accessories that seem appealing and write down any questions you would like clarified. Then take your partner to a Good Vibrations store or call us with those questions in mind (write them down if you think you’ll forget). Being prepared with questions or ideas makes it easier to communicate about what you are looking for so a SESA can make the best possible recommendations. If you don’t live near a GV store, you can call the Customer Service Center at 1-800-BUY-VIBE or use the Live Chat option at the top of the screen on our website to talk to SESAs in real time online.

Why We Call It “Beginners”

Here at Good Vibrations, we carry a lot of products and kits geared for different levels of experience. Beginner’s bondage kits, harnesses, anal toys, and the like are perfect for people who have never tried certain toys or situations, and want to ease into them comfortably. When looking through our products, look for descriptions or titles geared toward “beginners” and keep them in mind. Everyone has to start somewhere and while we encourage you to explore your sexuality through trying new products, we also want your experience to be healthy, safe, and satisfying.

Hot Homework

Educating yourself about new ways to have sex can also help you make more informed decisions about what you and your partner might like to explore. Books and videos are a wonderful way to learn about a new toy or practice before trying it at home. We carry a large selection of books that cover the spectrum from guides to sex toys, G-spots/P-spots, different aspects of BDSM, Kama Sutra, oral sex techniques, becoming orgasmic, and the list goes on and on. The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex is a wonderful overall resource for learning about human anatomy, different sexual responses, and a great introduction to using sex toys.

Our wide selection of videos and DVDs also run the gamut from educational guides to different types of porn divided into categories like Women Directed, New to Watching Porn, and BDSM/Fetish among others. You can browse by category (both in the stores and on the web) to try and narrow done your choices or ask a SESA for a recommendation depending on what you are looking for. It is also important to remember when purchasing a product, make sure to ask a SESA any questions you have about proper usage (including cleaning) and read the product info guide prior to using the item.


After you have purchased your new toy, try using it by yourself first or have your partner try using it alone. This decreases performance anxiety, and by trying the toy alone, you can gain a familiarity with how it feels, how it is worn, and figure out how you would like to use it before fully introducing it into your sexual play. If it has straps, adjust the size until you find the right fit, and discover the easiest ways to put it on and take it off. If it is a vibrator, try placing it in different spots all over your body (not just the genitals) to see what feels good and what doesn’t. Also, while you are making your purchase, don’t forget condoms, dental dams, lube (lube is fantastic and should ALWAYS be used for anal sex), gloves, wipes, and any other accessories that you will need to go along with your new toys.

By learning to communicate with your partner, doing a little homework, and speaking with our friendly and knowledgeable SESAs, you and your partner are sure find the right toys and products for you. And remember, exploring your sexuality with a partner should be fun -- so try to relax, we’re here to help.

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