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How to Use a Remote-Controlled Vibrator

Remote-controlled vibrators are a fun, sexy way to explore public sex fantasies. If you have had a desire to have your partner take the reins, and be able to excite you at their whim, then remote toys are perfect for you. They are also great if you want a wearable, hands-free vibrator that doesn’t have a battery pack and cord in the way.

Most of the remote vibes that are currently available have one speed and are controlled by a remote with an on-off switch. There can be a delay of a couple of seconds between the switch being used and the vibe turning on or off.

How to Wear
Remote toys are made wearable by being part of a panty or having straps.

  • Remote toys that have adjustable straps are ideal. That way you can ensure a snug, comfortable fit.
    • Remote toys with straps usually have leg and waist straps that are adjustable. They can have two straps that go around the thighs or one that is worn like a G-string.
    • If you find that the elastic strap stretches too much, try replacing it with a length of ribbon from the fabric store.
  • You want to position the toy directly over the clitoris. Try a few different angles to get the best effect. The vibe may shift when you sit down or stand up, so experiment a bit.
  • These products are small and allow for hands-free stimulation but may not be the best for wearing during penetrative sex since they may shift, especially during close, face-to-face sex. In addition, wearing them during penetrative sex may shorten the lifespan of the products.


  • You can use them almost anywhere. Some vibes make more noise than others and you might make a little sound yourself, so the library may not be the best choice.
  • Restaurants, night clubs or other noisy locations are more discreet places to use your vibe.

Many remote vibes have quite a long range -- about 20-30 feet. And most of them run on the same frequency, so if two people are using them in the same area, one remote will turn both on. While that may not be exactly what you expected, it can add a thrill as you try to figure out who else is having fun with you!