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For Immediate Release

November 13, 2006

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Betty Sullivan
Good Vibrations Public Relations

Margaret Cho Joins the Board Of Directors for Good Vibrations

SAN FRANCISCO (Nov 13, 2006): Hailed by the New York Times as 'Murderously Funny', Margaret Cho has graciously accepted a seat on the Board of Directors of Good Vibrations, the Bay Area's legendary retailer and distributor for sex toys, personal care products, education. As a professional entertainer and an outspoken activist for equal rights, Margaret Cho will be intimately involved with the future development and strategic growth plans of the company.

"We are honored and thrilled to have Margaret on our Board," said Good Vibrations' president and CEO Theresa Sparks. "She will give us a fresh perspective on contemporary trends in pop culture and her personal values fit perfectly with those of our staff, management and shareholders."

At the board of director's introduction party, Margaret Cho took the stage to say, "I am joining Good Vibrations just in time. My Hitachi (vibrator) has just fallen into two pieces after fifteen years."

Probably most known for her outspoken personality, Cho now adds a fourth concert, "Assassin," and a second book, I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight to her list of accomplishments. As a San Franciscan native, going to school on Haight St. during the 70's, Cho has managed to make her act recognizable across most pop culture outlets.

"Margaret's Sensuous Woman stage show is the most diverse, high-energy show I've seen in ages -- maybe ever," says GV staff sexologist and Chief Cultural Officer Carol Queen." Margaret Cho does burlesque as well as comedy, showing how much she's been influenced by the sex-positive arts, further proving she's a perfect addition for the Good Vibrations board."

Margaret Cho helps round out the expertise of the Good Vibrations board of directors including Carol Queen, PhD, Theresa Sparks, Adrienne Haddad, Linda Shaw and newest member, a consumer strategist from research analyst firm Iconoculture, Donna Daniels, PhD.

Cho will also be responsible to making decisions regarding company growth and overall navigation, to help enforce the company's mission statement as well as the values of the shareholders.

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