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WAP Realness - The Truth About Wetness

By: Good Vibrations

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been blasting WAP on repeat since it dropped. Though it’s a banger for sure, there’s been a lot of controversy over the lyrics, particularly whether or not it’s “healthy” to have a Dasani punani.

Kylie Jenner Megan GIF by Cardi BCredit: GIPHY

Short answer, yes.

Vaginal lubrication caused by arousal is a normal physiological reaction to prepare for sex. Basically, an increase in genital blood flow leads to engorgement of blood vessels in the genital area, and the pressure causes fluid to be pushed out to the walls of the vaginal canal. The erectile tissue in the clitoris engages, the G-spot swells with fluids, and vaginal lubrication is created by the Bartholin and Skene glands as a response to enable more pleasurable and less difficult penetration and movement.

However, not everyone can get to WAP status solely by arousal, and that’s totally normal and OK, too. Different factors can affect the body’s ability to create ample vaginal lubrication- things like hormones, age, medication, stress, dehydration, menstrual cycles, and more can all lead to differences in wetness- even if you’re totally mentally aroused. Anything that dries out your sinuses or mouth might leave you unwet elsewhere too! This phenomenon --being turned on but not wet-- can be known as “arousal nonconcordance,” as is discussed in Emily Nagoski’s book Come As You Are. (Likewise, the body can create vaginal lubrication and/or secretions when not aroused.)


Whether or not you’re a person who gets to a point of needing a bucket and a mop when it comes to physical arousal, there is one sure-fire way to achieve that coveted wet ass pussy: lube! Even for those who produce a lot of lubrication naturally, adding in some lubricant will help the body stay slick and increase sensation for play that’s even more pleasurable.

It’s important to keep some things in mind when picking out the perfect lube, since there are different types:

💧 Water-based makes for a great all-purpose lubricant, since it can safely be used with any toy material, any safer sex barrier, and can be used vaginally, anally, or orally. They come in thinner and thicker, more gel-like versions so you can choose the consistency you like. Because the main ingredient is water, it will evaporate and/or absorb into the body after some time, which means that you may need to reapply. Pro tip: If your water-based lube gets sticky, rehydrate it with a few drops of H2O!

💧 Silicone-based lubricants are best for long-lasting slickness, with a thinner consistency that can feel more like an oil rather than a gel, and that stays on the surface of the skin much longer. Like the water-based kinds, silicone lubricants can be used with safer sex barriers; however a downside is that silicone lubricants cannot be used with some silicone toys.

💧 Hybrid lubricants give you a bit of best-of-both-worlds between water-based and silicone-based lubes, in that the small amount of silicone they contain will help the lubrication last longer, but the ratio of silicone is small enough to allow for use with silicone toys. Hybrid lubes usually have a creamier texture, and are a bit thicker than oils or silicone-based lubes.
💧 Oils and oil-based lubricants are super popular for their silky texture, longevity, and botanical ingredients like coconut or jojoba. Keep in mind that these ingredients may have properties that are antibacterial and may affect the body’s pH, and oils can break down latex or even some latex alternatives which can render barriers like condoms or dental dams unsafe. If you happen to have a food allergy to something they may extract from, be extra-careful as you might be sensitive to the oil as well. Oh, and only use oils that are specifically designed for sexual use- keep the bedroom and kitchen oils separate.


So, no matter what makes that WAP drip on the sheet, be proud of that
punani- you certified freak!