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Toys of the Zodiac: Gemini

By: Lisa Finn

GeminiThe sign that’s twice-as-nice - what better time to double down on pleasure than Gemini Season? It’s time to celebrate the social butterflies of the zodiac – Gemini! Constantly on the move, juggling hobbies, passions, careers, friend groups, and the seemingly endless influx of invites to parties and get-togethers, it’s no wonder that Gemini is represented by the celestial twins – most of what Gemini accomplishes alone in one day would take two of anyone else to tackle.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet of expression and communication – a strong reason why they’re so magnetic in social situations and are excellent at executing new ideas and creating changes from switching up their day-to-day routines to spearheading projects (especially when it comes to transformation and innovation).

When it comes to being with a partner, this Air sign leans into that communicative personality through being inquisitive. Gemini wants to know what makes you tick, and then inspire you to turn those wants into adventure to keep these twins – and their constant need to be engaged in some sort of activity – hooked. That energy also means it can be a great time to check in with partners about likes, dislikes, needs, wants, and boundaries. Take some time to talk about what’s been working in your sex life, what can be adjusted, and bring up some ideas or fantasies that you’d like to incorporate.

Because Gemini is the type to always want to try something new, a toy with versatility can be a great fit for this early summer sign. The Tryst V2 not only nods to Gemini’s duality through its two-pronged shape, but also in the countless ways it can be used – solo or with a partner. Use the dual tips for external stimulation to hug hot-spots like the clitoris or nipples, wrap the flexible arms around the base of a cock for a take on a vibrating cock ring, or contour Tryst to your liking to insert for some vaginal penetrative play. Bend, flex, and change things up endlessly as you play to keep that ever-moving Gemini delighted.

GeminiPut Gemini’s gift of gab to the test with a simple way to spice up any form of play – the straightforward yet exciting blindfold. Let Gemini take control and describe what they’re doing and about to do, as the restriction of sight leaves their partner with their mouth watering in anticipation for what comes next. If you’re not much of a dirty talker by nature, maybe try reading some erotica to your blindfolded boo and watch how their body reacts to the words of Gemini’s sultry voice.

GeminiGemini’s tend to never stay in one place for too long means that an on-the-go toy can be a perfect fit – like a wearable vibrator that can be worn under the clothing and add some discreet play during a dinner date or wherever else Gemini takes their plus-one. The Moxie+ wearable vibrator is a next-level panty vibe that’s coated in soft, contoured silicone and has a magnetic back to clip into any underwear and keep those sensations right where you want them, even if you’re walking, dancing, or squirming in your seat. Moxie can be controlled by a small remote that can easily stash away in your pocket, or connect to the We-Vibe app so that it can be controlled from anywhere in the world – or if you just want to be extra undercover and make it look like you’re simply scrolling social media when you’re actually scrolling the intensity of the quiet-yet-powerful motor of your sexy little secret.