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Toys Of The Zodiac: Virgo

By: Good Vibes


virgoAlright, let's talk Virgos – the ultimate "get things done" champs. These folks are your go-to for creating a sexual "to-do" list that you'll actually enjoy tackling together. With their laser-focused attention and a dash of Earth sign magic, Virgos transform fantasies into reality, as if they're going for the gold in the intimacy Olympics. As the legendary Virgo herself, Beyoncé, croons in "Virgo’s Groove," Virgo lovers “can be the one that takes you there on [a] magic ride.”

virgoNow, picture this: Virgos' perfectionism hand in hand with their late-summer sensuality. Their Earth element roots them in reality, while their quest for perfection brings an idealistic flair. When choosing partners, Virgos aren't just picky, they're full of genuine care. Pleasing their partner isn't just a goal; it's their personal pleasure project. They're all about fine-tuning every detail that makes toes curl, ensuring that the pleasure loop is always a two-way street.

Here's a Virgo tidbit: they might lean into a more reserved vibe (hello, "virgin" symbolism!). But remember, virginity is just a societal construct, not a cosmic rule. If you or your Virgo happen to dwell in the shy spectrum and desire a bedroom confidence boost, fear not. A virgo's common craving is often more information! The Sex & Pleasure Book penned by our amazing sexologist Carol Queen PhD, along with co-author Shar Rednour, offers the basics for sexual pleasure, health, wellness, and beyond! Sure to give anyone the skills needed to feel competent in the bedroom (or wherever you play!)

virgoAnother trait: "If you stay ready, you don't ever have to get ready." This phrase screams Virgo vibes. That's where the Fit Harness steps in. It's like wearing everyday undies, but it's got a secret. Tucked beneath your clothes, the Fit is a sly nod to Virgo's planning prowess. When the moment arrives, just slide your favorite dildo through the O-ring and voila, the playtime begins. Let's be real, Virgos adore schedules, but who's to say they can't rock a spontaneous hookup just as well?

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