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Toys for Travel

Toys For Travel

You can create your own Summer of Love (and of course pleasure!) any time when you bring your favorite toys with you. Summer lovin' is fantastic solo OR with a partner (or two...!), and we've got the gear that will help you enjoy yourself to the max. Get out there and make some new friends or savor some scenic and sexy alone time. For maximum ease and privacy, bring your toys in checked bags or invest in travel-locked toys--or both. Our staff sexologist is glad to explain vibrators in her carry-on to the nice TSA people--but maybe you don't want to have that convo, so go portable, lockable, small or stealth if that makes you feel more comfortable. If the authorities do ask you about your gear, though, answer without shame. This is your private well-being we're talking about--hold your head high. They're just doing their job... and you are going on vacation!

Travel Toys FAQ