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Prostate Health Awareness Month

Join Good Vibes for a celebration of the prostate! Sexual well-being AND pleasure can be the result of tuning in to this important body part. Since not everyone is trained regarding the way prostate pleasure can support the important path to health, we are more than happy to share our knowledge with you. Prostate power!

Because the prostate (aka the P-spot) is accessed anally, learning more about comfortable and healthy anal play is a great first step. The prostate plays a role in ejaculation, bladder and urinary tract wellness, and its health issues could range from enlargement to cancer. Fortunately, regular ejaculation may help prevent future problems ā€” and some favor prostate massage too. Of course prevention also includes screening ā€” MDs want you to start screenings in your 40s, especially if you have a family history of prostate cancer. 

Gentle prostate stimulation can not only feel amazing, but can help support a healthier prostate ā€” just don't forget the lube! 

Scroll down for some of our expert blog posts about prostate play and anal safety, and check out our recommended products below for a combination of pleasure and wellness perfect for celebrating P-spot month!