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Although sex toys are manufactured from many different materials, some of the most durable, versatile, easy-to-clean, and attractive products we carry are made from silicone, glass and metal.

Silicone toys have a slippery texture combined with a flexibility that’s not too hard, but not too soft either. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, many of which are harness-compatible. Some silicone toys are stylized, while others look more realistic.  Silicone also retains heat; soak your toys in warm water before using for a more realistic feel.

Unless the surface gets punctured, silicone will last for years. Once punctured however, the tear will spread and ruin your toy, so be careful with sharp objects. Some silicone lubricants bond on a molecular level to silicone toys, which can damage the surface of the toy. You may want to use a water-based lube or cover your toys with a condom.

Glass toys tend to be slimmer than toys made from other materials. The harder a toy is, the larger it feels, so something very rigid like glass usually comes in a smaller size. Their extreme firmness can do wonders for the G-spot or prostate. Although some glass toys have a base and could be used in a harness, we don’t recommend it. Glass is such a hard material that’s it’s best to have more control over the angle and depth of penetration. Softer materials are more forgiving of variations in motion than firmer ones.

The technology for glass toys has really advanced and manufacturers are creating designs that are as attractive as they are arousing. Some have ridged surfaces to add subtle texture. Others are gently curved, making them ideal for G-spot and prostate play. There are even some with 24 karat gold details, making them a pleasure to see and use.

Most of our glass toys are made of borosilicate, just like bakeware, so they won’t chip or break with everyday use. You can warm or cool glass in a bowl of water; just don’t use water that would be too hot or too cold for skin -- think about a warm bath or cool swimming pool. Glass toys provide a super-slick surface, so a little lubricant goes a long way. Silicone lubes are especially good with glass toys for an amazingly slippery combination.

Just like glass toys, metal dildos and butt plugs such as Njoy Toys are very rigid, which magnifies even the smallest motion. The work well with any lubricant, especially silicone formulas. They can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher, and can be disinfected in boiling water for 5 minutes. You can also warm or cool them in water before play for a different sensation.