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How to use Lubricant & Contraceptives

When people are trying to get pregnant, they sometimes wonder if there’s a particular brand of lube that they should use. None of our lubricants have spermicides, so you don’t need to be concerned about that.

All of our lubes have been used by people who have become pregnant, so for many people, lubricant decisions can be made with nothing more than preferences around texture and ingredients. It’s important to remember this -- none of our lubes are spermicides so if you’re trying not to get pregnant, you’ll need some other contraceptive method.

Some people have reported that their lubricant impeded conception. According to some of the research on sperm motility, some lubricants can make it harder for sperm to swim. Since the vagina is somewhat acidic in order to protect against bacteria and such, sperm that spend too long in the vagina before moving into the uterus might be killed, which would interfere with conception.

So far, Pre-Seed is the only brand of lubricant developed to specifically address this issue. It tends to be more expensive than other lubricants, so most people only seem to use it when conception is the goal. Since many people report getting pregnant while using other brands of lubricant, you may want to keep Pre-Seed as a backup plan. But if you need it, it’s good to know that it’s available.

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