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We hope this design won't be the last word in female prophylactics, but until the next technological breakthrough, here are some pros and cons about the Female Condom compiled by our panel of testers.


  • A woman can take responsibility for its use -- especially good for those whose partners resist using male condoms or for those couples who want to share equally in all safer sex responsibilities.
  • It can be inserted before a sexual encounter begins.
  • It rests outside the vagina and may help protect the external genitalia from sexually transmitted conditions.
  • A male partner may find the loose fit of the female condom gives him increased sensation.
  • It is not made of latex, so can be used by those with a latex sensitivity and by those who wish to use oil-based lubricants.
  • Some women may like the feeling of the outer ring rubbing against the clitoris.


  • The outer ring may be irritating as it rubs against the labia, urethra and/or clitoris.
  • The inner ring must be placed carefully or the condom may twist.
  • It may require more lubrication for successful use. If the condom isn't lubricated sufficiently it can cling to the penis, twisting or even turning inside out.
  • It's made of a plastic material that may be noisy during intercourse.
  • You must be careful not to insert the penis or dildo between the condom and vaginal wall.
  • Ejaculate can leak out of the condom unless it is removed carefully.
  • The outer ring may need to be held in place to keep the condom from slipping into the vagina.
  • The inner ring is "one size fits most" and may cause discomfort for some people.

How to Use the Female Condom - Video

Anal Intercourse Note

If you use the female condom for anal intercourse

  • Take special care that the outer ring stays outside the body and doesn't slip into the anus.
  • The insertive partner may have to keep thrusts shallow; the condom isn't as long as the rectum. Thrusting too deeply will stress the condom (possibly resulting in breakage) or push it into the rectum.

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