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Good Vibrations Guide to Sex Education Sex Toys and Vibrators

How To... Good Vibrations Sexual Education: Strap-on Harnesses

Need a little information before making an informed purchase? Read through our Good Vibrations Sexual Education How To Articles for ideas about choosing the right toy for you, whether it's a vibrator, lube, or any of our high quality sex products.

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Strap-on Harnesses How To Articles

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Care & Cleaning How To Articles

What's the Difference in Strap-on Materials

  • Leather harnesses look and feel great, but they’re harder to clean.
  • Nylon and fabric harnesses can be machine washed. Put them in a lingerie bag so they don’t get tangled on the machine and line-dry them.
  • Vinyl harnesses can be wiped clean with soap and water.

How’s the Fit?

  • Single-strap harnesses fit like a G-string. They give you more control, but some may find them uncomfortable to wear.
  • Two-strap harnesses take a bit more practice, but they’re often more comfortable and you don’t have to take them off to be on the receiving end of genital stimulation.
  • Low-rise harnesses keep the base of the dildo on the pubic bone, giving you more control. They can also provide pressure on the clitoris.
  • Thigh harnesses fit around the leg (or a chair seat or pillow). They often work best when the person on the receiving end controls the motion.

How to Use a Harness

  • Harnesses can take a little practice. Give yourself some time to experiment.
  • D-rings are easier to adjust, but they can slip a little. Try looping the loose end into the waist band to help secure it. Buckles are more secure, but they take a little more effort to get just right.
  • Leather harnesses will stretch a bit when you first use them, so you may need to tighten the straps a few times as they do.
  • When you change positions, you may need to tighten or loosen your harness, especially the leg straps.
  • If you want a smaller or larger toy, take a look at the harnesses with changeable rings. We offer a set of rubber replacement rings so you can get the perfect fit.