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Dental dams are an easy way to protect you and your partner during oral sex, either over a vulva or during rimming (oral-anal sex).

How do I use Dental Dams?

Hold the dam against your partner's vulva or anus while you lick, kiss or suck the covered area. Either of you can hold the dam in place during these activities. Put a little lubricant on the receiving person’s side to maximize the sensations.

What if the dam slips off?

Because dental dams tend to become slippery and slide around, we recommend that you have several dams nearby and ready for use. Mark the dams on one side with a pen, so that if the dam gets set aside during passionate foreplay, you'll know which side is for the licker and which for the lickee. Better yet, use a fresh dam and avoid the possibility of exchanging body fluids. We strongly advise that you throw the dam away after one use.

Now the real challenge

How can I get my partner to use the dams? I'm not so sure about them myself.

Dams are a great tool for starting a conversation about safer sex. Having them handy and being able to talk about using them shows a concern for yourself and others. When you feel the time is right -- we suggest a non-sexual setting, for instance during dinner -- tell your lover or potential lover about the fun you can have with dental dams.

Keep a dam handy so you can show the person what you're talking about. Spark curiosity -- offer to share your toy and be the safer sex coach. Ask this person's feelings about safer sex and listen to the response. Often just talking about your feelings, whether you're shy, embarrassed, intimidated or excited, can ease any tensions. Be prepared to negotiate around safer sex alternatives which are acceptable to both of you.

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