Feel My Power Le Wand

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Feel My Power Le Wand

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  • Special Edition of Le Wand
  • Rechargeable wand vibrator
  • Featuring art by Ashley Lukashevsky
  • 10 speeds and 20 patterns
  • 1 year warranty
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This special edition Le Wand featuring creative and empowering artwork by Ashley Lukashevsky proudly proclaims itself as a pleasure product rather than blending into the background in the personal care aisle. Le Wand wants you to feel your power: to feel pleasure, to love your body, to feel good about your sexuality and shamelessly assert that sex is healthy and fun. This beautiful and sexy rechargeable wand-style vibrator features a black silicone head, a light pink neck, and a body wrapped in black with pink and red illustrations. Equipped with a travel lock and a discreet storage case, it's ready to go on the road with you. We also like that the vibration is concentrated in the head of the wand, not in the handle, so holding it won't make your hand won't go numb. Le Wand's flexible neck allows the user to use plenty of pressure, if desired, and it won't hurt the vibrator. Use the three one-touch button to control the 10 distinct speeds with 20 vibration patterns: the + button turns the vibe on and increases intensity; the – button turns it off and decreases intensity; and the middle button changes vibration patterns. To use the travel lock: simultaneously press and hold the + and – buttons for three seconds; a flashing light indicates the travel lock is on. To unlock, repeat by pressing and holding the + and – buttons for three seconds. Comes with chargers compatible for use in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia.

Artist Ashley Lukashevsky’s visual art and design sheds light on immigrant rights, racial justice and other intersectional feminist issues. As she calls attention to oppressive power structures, she inspires others to find the power within themselves. This special edition Le Wand includes a postcard, a sticker set, a pleasure guide and a self-love pin featuring the artwork.

Brand: Le Wand

Product Details

Material: Silicone / ABS Plastic
Color: Black
Power Source: Rechargeable / Wall Adapter
Length: 13.4 inches
Diameter: 2.5 inches
Intensity: 4/5
Volume: 3/5
Charge Time: 180 Minutes
Use Time: 180 Minutes
Warranty: 1 Year


  • Flexible
  • Rechargeable
  • Travel Lock

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