Sona Cruise Clitoral Stimulator

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Sona Cruise Clitoral Stimulator

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Explore sexy, suction-like sensations with the Sona line. The sleek silicone body feels luxurious in your hand while the resonating, fluttering sonic hum offers an intense suction feel on the body.

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Sona Cruise Clitoral Stimulator
Explore sexy, suction-like sensations with the Sona line. The sleek silicone body feels luxurious in your hand while the resonating, fluttering sonic hum offers an intense suction feel on the body. The 3-button interface allows you to vary the intensity of each of the 8 modes from low to high giving you plenty of variety while you enjoy the massaging, pulsing sonic waves.

Choose between Sona (online exclusive!) and Sona Cruise, which features extra power and “Cruise Control”: press the Sona Cruise against the body and you'll be treated to consistent power that offers enduring stimulation throughout the experience. Both models are Easy to use one-handed; lock by holding the + and – buttons for 3 seconds. USB rechargeable (cable included)

Brand: LELO

Product Details

Material: Silicone
Color: Pink or Black
Power Source: Rechargeable / USB
Intensity: 4/5
Volume: 5/5
Use Time: 60 Minutes
Warranty: 1 Year


  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Multi-speed

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
too strong - March 15, 2019
Reviewed By: MyToyStory

this hurt me, and I'm not a very sensitive person. Even the first setting is kind of painful around my clitoris and even my nipples cant handle it.I prefer the satisfyer line or any womanizer.

Whoa - January 15, 2019
Reviewed By: N

At first I was skeptical of these kinds of toys. I figured they're not for me. I'm really glad I picked this one because it's so powerful and unique. Hands down the best, loudest orgasms I have personally had. It's so strong, sometimes too strong. Have to be careful to not over-do it.

Good, good, good - December 12, 2018
Reviewed By: LouS34

It really is that good. It stimulates not just the visible part but the inner part which is much larger, of course. The sound waves penetrate through my flesh and skin and drive me crazy each time. One of my favourite toys, if not the favourite.

Limitless pleasure - November 9, 2018
Reviewed By: LZhuk24

A super strong personal massager that can take you places. I got it as a present from a friend and I�m so glad I have it. The first time I used it I was mind blown. The climaxes were strong and super intense. Sonic waves definitely make it happen for me. It is also super fun to use in a bathtub as well as in bed or anywhere you feel like it. Its super quiet and it won�t let you down.

Bloody brilliant - October 4, 2018
Reviewed By: MMeade

I had so many problems reaching orgasms. I thought it was in my head (maybe it was to some extent) and I decided to buy a toy. After a long search I decided to go for this product. I did not make a mistake. It is powerful and its shape is perfect for me.

Sensuality unleashed - August 25, 2018
Reviewed By: KarenDi1

I�ve never experienced anything like this and I�m impressed by the silent, pulsating sonic waves this intimate massager produces. Upon the first touch I was thrilled and surprised at the same time. It�s so light and smooth yet so powerful. I reached the bliss before I knew it. Gentle pressing against the sensitive area is all it takes to reach the big O.

Stimulation of senses - August 9, 2018
Reviewed By: Tad34

I had been looking for an intimate massager for women for a long time until I found this one. My search was definitely over. It has all the features I desire. Beautiful design, nice feminine colors, and above all, enough power to take me on a pleasurable journey. Since it�s totally waterproof I decided to try it in the hot tub. Have to admit that it�s the best way to use it and I strongly recommend it.

Luxury personal massager - July 24, 2018
Reviewed By: SammyW

Cool toy indeed. It's perfect for my special me time and I love the shape and color too. The great thing about it is that it's waterproof so I can enjoy myself in the tub as well as in the shower. I used it on various body parts and I had the feeling that my whole body vibrated. For a relatively small gadget, it covers a lot of the stimulated area. Sensational feeling indeed.

Great after a little practice - February 26, 2018
Reviewed By: Denna

It is very difficult to get used to the cruise feature I disliked it a lot at first after some practice this has become one of my favorites gives wonderful long lasting multiple orgasms!

Should have bought the sona with out the cruise feature. - December 27, 2017
Reviewed By: Denna

Although the sonas sonic massage gives a new feeling nothing like your normal vibe. It is completely ruined for me by the cruise feature. With the slightest movement the sona cruise Will either turn itself way up or way down depending on the pressure. With a slight flick of my wrist when readjusting it will turn itself up to an uncomfortable speed there is no way to disable the cruise feature which I think is a huge mistake on the part of the manufacture. I think if I had bought the base model without cruise control I really would've enjoyed this massager. The sona cruise was a massive waste of money on my part I doubt I will ever use it again although when you can get it just right the sonic vibrations feel excellent. It is definitely a turn off when it adjusts itself to an uncomfortable level of suction/vibration.

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