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Womanizer Plus

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Enjoy an entirely new kind of erotic ride with this revolutionary rechargeable sex toy featuring spot-on clitoral stimulation with eight intensity settings and powered by Pleasure Air Technology.

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Womanizer Plus
Enjoy an entirely new kind of erotic ride with this revolutionary rechargeable sex toy featuring spot-on clitoral stimulation with eight intensity settings and powered by Pleasure Air Technology. Ergonomically designed to offer the right amount of body contact while delivering powerful and surprisingly strong orgasms. Its elongated ABS plastic body is topped with a cone shape covered with a removable silicone sleeve; place it over the clitoris for sensations that combines suction with slight, yet incredibly effective, vibration. Womanizer Plus comes with two interchangeable heads that differ in size and shape; the larger of the two offers wider area coverage, better accommodating people with larger clitorises. The silicone head even has a light effect so you can see where to place it in the dark! This toy really does all the work for you, so it’s a good choice for people who need a longer toy, have arthritis or wrist issues; its motion is isolated at the tip, it’s lightweight, and once placed around the clitoris, the suction stimulates and you barely have to hold it. (Of course, you can vary the sensation by moving the toy or your body as you use Womanizer Plus.) It might not be the quietest toy in your collection, but check out the reviews--users rave about the unique and speedy pleasure it can bring! To turn it on, simply tap the soft button at the top. Hold the same button down for 3 seconds to turn the toy off. +/- signs allow you to increase or decrease Pleasure Air intensity; all functions are isolated to their own buttons on this model, making it a more intuitive process than other Womanizer items.

Womanizer Plus has 12 Intensity Levels. Charge for 90 minutes for up to 4 hours of use time.

For External Use Only.

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Brand: Womanizer

Product Details

Material: Silicone / ABS Plastic
Color: Black / White
Power Source: Rechargeable / USB
Length: 8.5 inches
Intensity: 4/5
Volume: 4/5
Charge Time: 90 Minutes
Use Time: 240 Minutes
Warranty: 2 Years


  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Multi-speed

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
Beautiful, Strong, and Multiple Orgasms - August 9, 2017
Reviewed By: Miss Kay

AWESOME vibrator! If you've played with or enjoyed the earlier-version Womanizers, you're going to love this. More power than the original and a much more beautiful design. It just looks stunning - outside of any use.

When it comes to use, I really do love the toy, but if you're plus-sized, you'll likely be a-okay with the original Womanizer, size-wise. The Plus' claim to name is its larger (optional) clitoral cover and the longer handle. Neither of those may necessarily apply to your body type. If you feel strain reaching between your thighs for the necessary amount of time for you to enjoy yourself with other toys, you might prefer the extra length. If you've used another Womanizer and found that the clitoral cover is too small, you might like the Womanizer Plus. Many body types will be a-okay with regular Womanizers, though, too.

As other reviewers have stated, it's definitely powerful! My first orgasm is usually on the lowest settings or I'd orgasm in less than a minute. I prefer the more-powerful settings for multiple orgasms after that.

Regardless, this is one of the only toys that can reliably get me to multiple orgasms without much effort.

OMG ORGASMS - August 2, 2017
Reviewed By: Loveanne

Best purchase ever for clitoral orgasms. I need a lot of stimulation and time usually (like more than an hour). With this - 10 minutes or less and the highest setting is too high. Perfect!

too strong - June 17, 2017
Reviewed By: toyjoy

this feels really good but the settings are CRAZY high for me. only the lowest two settings were comfortable which was very disappointing because I wanted more build up rather than 0-60 in three seconds flat. I can't imagine anyone using this on the highest setting

Womanizer Plus - May 22, 2017
Reviewed By: Tigereyes

Awesome. Best toy ever Hands Down!!!

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