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Buck Dich Paddle

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Here’s a kinky multi-tasking toy that brings various types of sensation! Our friends at Fun Factory have devised a high-quality silicone paddle with a handle that truly does double (maybe even triple!) duty.

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Here’s a kinky multi-tasking toy that brings various types of sensation! Our friends at Fun Factory have devised a high-quality silicone paddle with a handle that truly does double (maybe even triple!) duty. If the large textured dildo looks familiar, it’s because taken from their popular Stronic Drei Pulsator. Start your play with light strokes and taps with the smooth silicone paddle then amp up the spanking with the slightly textured side – as you and your partner prefer. Then finish the scene by showing their G-spot or prostate a good time. “Bück dich” means “Bend Over” in the Fun Factory kinksters’ native German, and this unique toy gives you a few reasons to do just that!

Bück Dich Paddle
Spanking paddle with an insertable dildo handle
12.4" long (31.5cm)
Handle: 1.73" diameter (4.4cm)
Paddle: 5.1" diameter (13cm)

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Review from Autostraddle:

A hefty paddle with an aggressively ridged dildo for a handle, it is not polite looking, and I mean that as a compliment. Everyone who checked it out at the event said, “Oh,” in a grave, shit’s-about-to-go-down way. (“Bück Dich” means “bend over” in German.) This is also because it’s silicone, which has a well-deserved reputation for stinging wickedly on impact. I got nervous seeing my very toppy play partner’s smirk as she held it; likewise, holding it in front of whomever I was about to hit was super fun because they’d wiggle, squeeze their eyes shut and breathe “okay” like they were psyching themselves up to jump off a high dive. If trepidation is part of your foreplay, this is great tool.

That said, it’s only punishing if you want it to be. What sets the Bück Dich apart from other silicone paddles is its firmness, due to its non-toxic “plastimorph” core. It has some wiggle but not that notorious floppy-slap, so the person being hit feels some pleasing deep-tissue thud along with a slightly lessened silicone sting. Everyone I paddled smiled and said “I like it” a few whacks in, reporting that combo-type sensation. When we used it, my play partner hit me hard, alternating between her open palm and the paddle, and I found her hand more stingy on my bare skin. I liked the unique sensation of the impact on my own body during light play, but I dig intensity and pain and this paddle definitely delivered when she used its considerable weight on me.

The two sides of the paddle have different surfaces, one smooth and one lightly textured. Personally, I couldn’t note a difference in sensation when I was being hit with it even on bare skin, but I might just be an unobservant little snowflake. My volunteer bottoms all reported that they could feel the rough side “more” but also that the smooth side was “more stingy.”

Now for the real scoop on the handle. It’s modeled after Fun Factory’s Stronic Drei vibrator, borrowing that toy’s deeply-ridged shaft and steep G-spot and prostate-stimulating curve. It’s safe to use with water-based lube and you can clean the medical-grade, non-porous silicone with soap and water or a toy cleaner. You’re meant to fuck with it. A friend of mine held the Bück dildo-side-up and declared, “Nope.” It’s not a toy that glides in and out of you leisurely; while not difficult to insert, you feel it in you. The material is plenty pliable but the intense shape pushes and tugs on your insides with thrusting, and if your play partner really wants to test your devotion they can do things like twist it a little so you really feel the curve, or insert it all the damn way up to where the flare starts getting wide. I like my fucking deliciously stressful, especially after a good spanking, and in the hands of a capable partner the business end of the Bück can provide. I tried it on myself twice with (much) less vigor and even then, it felt more extreme than other insertable toys I’ve tried. But so did my orgasms. (Again, that flare at the handle’s top makes it easy to hold and maneuver, even lubed up and with your own fine self.)

Brand: Fun Factory

Product Details

Material: Silicone
Color: Red
Warranty: 30 Days

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