Model D Sport STP

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Model D Sport STP

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Realistic STP with molded balls that hang down.

Model D Sport Vanilla (Lightest)
Model D Sport Caramel (Medium)
Model D Sport Coffee (Darkest)
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Model D STP
Vanilla, Caramel, or Coffee Silicone

The Model D SPORT is a compact version of the Model D. With the same shaft and head as the Model D, the SPORT measures 4.25in/10.8cm from the top of the front lip to the tip of the head. The small balls on the SPORT eliminate much of the bulk of a standard STP and are still functional for the Slingshot Harness as well as the Easy DIY harness (instructions included). The SPORT also has a shorter and less bulky receptacle cup which may take a little more practice for some.

The SPORT has a powder soft finish. The outer silicone 'skin' has a clean, soft matte texture. Designed to help reduce chafing and remove tacky silicone feel.

Easy DIY instructions for making your own harness out of prefabricated underwear included.

Brand: Number One Lab

Product Details

Material: Silicone
Texture: Reusable / Made Forr Realistic Look
Color: Skin Tones
Length: 4.25 inches
Warranty: 30 Days

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Customer Reviews
Love it! - February 26, 2019
Reviewed By: SecretAndSassyAuctio

I definitely like this one. Like model a, it's super comfortable and despite the description I found it very easy to use! First shot, actually! Its way more comfortable for when I'm on the go or at the gym, definitely doesnt have the bulk for a night at the bar but it still catches attention in a nice pair of sweats haha. I experienced no leakage and it was super easy to take care of. I'd definitely recommend this for my fellow active trans dudes! God so excited to have found a new source for these things!

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