Kristine Eyemask

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Kristine Eyemask

Kristine features a mod spiderweb design, linear and striking.

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Kristine features a mod spiderweb design, linear and striking. The stunning and stylish vinyl masks designed by Bijoux Indiscrets are easy to wear and let you create your own erotic personae focused on each mask’s arresting and elegant visual style. Unlike tie-on masks, these unique, easy-to-see-through creations attach directly and easily to multiple points on the face, so they’re comfy to wear. Makeup and hair remain untouched by the mask adhering best to skin that’s clean and free of cosmetics via small skin-friendly stickers, the mask can be positioned right at the place it fits most perfectly. Because the mask is made of vinyl, you can even customize it with a few careful cuts to fit your face better, if you wish. Flexible and durable, packaged with multiple sets of reusable stickers.

Brand: Bijoux Indiscrets

Product Details

Material: Vinyl
Color: Black
Warranty: 30 Days

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