Magic Wand Rechargeable

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Magic Wand Rechargeable

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  • Powerful, penetrating vibrations
  • 4 intensities and 4 patterns
  • Easy-to-clean silicone head
  • Cordless with plug-and-play option
  • Not waterproof or splash-proof
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The game changing vibrator that influenced the feminist sex-positive sex toy store revolution and our consistent best-selling vibrator of all time just got better! Portable! Greener!

The best-loved vibrator of all time just got even better! The iconic wand vibrator—delivering an amazing experience so good that generations of users have plugged it into the wall—has been liberated! That's right—the Magic Wand is available in a cordless version; now it goes anywhere you want it to.

Featuring incredibly powerful, penetrating vibrations (now with multiple patterns and intensities), Magic Wand Rechargeable delivers an amazing experience of mind-blowing orgasms beyond expectation. Newly improved with a smooth silicone head and quieter sound, plus four power intensities (low, medium, high, and ultra) and four vibration patterns, all powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The best tension-reliever ever—right on your sore muscles, or via all the pleasure you can take.

Magic Wand Rechargeable
Cord Length: 6'
Charger included (110V-240V, 50/60Hz)
(Low - 2,700 rpm, Medium - 3,800 rpm, High - 5,400 rpm, Ultra - 6,300 rpm)

Charging unit included; plug-and-play option for those times when you're near an outlet. (Does not charge during plug-and-play.) Runs for three hours on a full charge; for your safety and to preserve electronics and battery life, the wand shuts off automatically after twenty minutes of continuous use. The manufacturer recommends a cooling-off period at that point, but the wand will immediately function after the auto-shut-off if you wish to resume using it right away. The Magic Wand Rechargeable is not waterproof nor splash-proof.

Care and Cleaning

Good Vibrations is a certified retailer of the Magic Wand Rechargeable Vibrator.

Note: The included charger for the Magic Wand Rechargeable is compatible with 100-240V, 50/60Hz circuitry. It comes with the North American two-prong style plug, and with the use of the adapter for a different region, the unit should charge and operate correctly in other regions.

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Magic Wand Rechargeable

Brand: Magic Wand

Product Details

Material: Silicone / ABS
Texture: Smooth
Color: White
Power Source: Rechargeable / Wall Adapter
Length: 12.75 inches
Diameter: 2.47 inches
Intensity: 5/5
Volume: 4/5
Charge Time: 180 Minutes
Use Time: 180 Minutes
Warranty: 1 Year


  • Latex-free
  • Rechargeable
  • Phthalates-free
  • Multi-speed

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
Still #1 - October 8, 2018
Reviewed By: Alex

Three years after acquiring the rechargeable Magic Wand, it is still my absolute favorite. Reliable, strong, rumbly vibration is all I ask for and the Magic Wand delivers. (Not a pattern person, so can't speak to those.) This is a workhorse vibe, to be sure; it's large and heavy, and the design isn't especially sleek or innovative, but it delivers. I love the silicone head (so easy to clean). I love that it'll still run while charging, and that mine still holds a charge for quite a while at its current age. It's reasonably quiet, especially for its size and capability. The buttons are easy to find and press, and though the auto-shut off feature at the 20 minute mark can be a bit frustrating, I really appreciate that my vibrator has never overheated on me. I'll hang onto my corded Hitachis but I expect the Rechargeable to keep its place next to my bed for a long time to come.

OMG. Let me say that again. OMG. - September 7, 2018
Reviewed By: Goodwife

So as hubby is unboxing the Wand I'm waiting in anticipation and I start taking my pants off. At first, I was a little put off by the size of it as it bigger and heavier than my other toys. But don't let it scare you, it's not going inside you. So after playing around with the different patterns and speeds we pick one and I lay back and touch it to my hot button. OMG, I literally came within 30 seconds, which is rare for me. It usually takes me 4-5 minutes. I'm not a fan of one of the patterns and I can't even think of using the highest setting without putting something between it and my lady parts. It gives mind blowing orgasms, stays charged a long time and the head is soft and easy to clean. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. P.S. Now every Saturday night we have a threeway... me, hubby and BOB (my battery operated boyfriend).

Really 5 stars other than I wore this product out - twice - August 29, 2018
Reviewed By: RubyThornhill

This thing is the best. Unfortunately, I have now worn out 2 in the last year and a half... Hoping Good Vibes can send me a replacement under warranty.

finally - March 14, 2018
Reviewed By: mjl722

I bought my hitatchi some time ago and have never looked back. I've told so many people about this vibrator, and this site - so I thought i'd finally write my review. this vibrator is the queen. there are multi levels for variable pleasure - but I never need to go beyond the first! it gives me leg shaking orgasms and I have never experienced the deep vibrations this wand gives. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! p.s. it's powerful ;) <3 xo

The best just got BETTER! - February 5, 2018
Reviewed By: probusybody

I've had my original Hitachi Magic Wand way past its original life expectancy with the help of an upgraded power cord, courtesy of a very large manufacturer and service of technology products for the business community and my former employer. (In retrospect, I guess I could have set my bed on fire) This one is GREAT! no cord, plus pulse patterns and speeds.

NOW ALL WE NEED... a personal, programmable app to create patterns and speeds just for me. HEAVEN!!

not for me - October 28, 2017
Reviewed By: kanon

I discovered GoodVibes a year ago and I've purchased half a dozen sex toys. I find this to be the least pleasing of the ones I've purchased, partly my own fault because I didn't read the description and online ratings and reviews as carefully as I should have done. So, here's my two cents.

When I opened the box and read the instructions, I found that the instructions began with two pages of stern warnings about various types of misuse that could result in injury. One of the warnings was, Do not use this in bed. Huh? Okay, in fairness, when I read the full warning, what they meant was, don't use it under covers due to risk of overheating. Still, kind of a discouraging warning to find in the instructions for a sex toy.

The wand itself is large (more than a foot in length, probably two pounds in weight) and the design is not particularly aesthetically pleasing. It's definitely a machine, not an art object.

The vibrations are quite powerful and felt quite pleasing and intriguing, but the head is large so there's no obvious way to target the vibrations, and after playing with it for awhile, I didn't seem to be going anywhere. How do you have an orgasm with this thing anyway? So I turned off the vibrator and turned on the computer and did the research I should have done before I spent the money. Apparently a lot of women react the same way I did, there's a learning curve with this thing and you have to play with it for awhile to learn to get results. Okay, but I already know how to get results by other means, I don't really need a sex toy with a learning curve.

On top of which, it's quite large (more than a foot long) and quite heavy (I'm guessing around 2 pounds) so my wrist quickly got tired.

I decided to put it away and try again another day now that I know more about it. But it's too large to fit discretely into my underwear drawer, so I had to put it back into its large, conspicuous box and tuck it away in the very back of my closet. When I was putting it up, I read the fine print on the box and found that this toy is Made In China. Nothing against the Chinese, but I do like to try to buy stuff from places other than China just to support diversity in manufacturing.

I'll get it out from time to time to enjoy the novelty of the sensations and experiment with it, and maybe I'll eventually figure out how to get somewhere with it, but if I'd been a more prudent shopper, I wouldn't have bought it.

For the record, I'll comparison rate the sex toys I've purchased from Good Vibes:

FIRST PLACE: Galaxy G Acrylic G-Spot Dildo Comment: does everything I want a sex toy to do, and for only $ 22, plus it's very pretty and very easy to clean.
SECOND PLACE: Womanizer vibrator. I don't get the orgasm-in-three-minutes that some reviewers describe, but the sensations can easily be targeted where you want I find it will reliably deliver a strong orgasm in twenty minutes, plus it's pretty to look at, small and fits nicely into one's hand.
THIRD PLACE: Benwa (Kegel) balls. Doesn't deliver quite as many different sensations as the Galaxy, but will stay in place once inserted, eliminating a distraction. Can be used in combination with Womanizer vibrator and this combination works really well for me.

Many others disagree with me on the Magic Wand, obviously, but you might want to read some more detailed online reviews before you spend your money on this one.

Great vibrator, bad charging cord. - July 31, 2017
Reviewed By: LeighJF

This is a great product, no complaints except I've had to replace the charging cord twice which gets pricey( almost $30 to replace the cord) (I've had this for 8 months). I'd suggest purchasing the corded version as I will be trying that one next.

Yay, cordless - July 29, 2017
Reviewed By: #lovemyself

Better than the original, with the cord not getting all tangled, and a nice soft silicone head. My older one still works, but this is the one that now gets used. I haven't cared about the pulse settings since the older version didn't have any, but maybe it'll be a nice feature in the future.

Grindr for Vulvas - March 1, 2017
Reviewed By: Sex Poz Kitty

LOOOOOVE this magic wand! I've always been a fan of the Hitachi with its two strong powerful motors. My only issue I've had with it was the lack of cushion on the head of the toy. I enjoy pressure and my partner and I like using the wand against both of our vulvas. The rechargeable magic wand has a soft and plushy head that feels great! It has four speeds that are gradual and feel just as strong as the Hitachi. Not a fan of the patterns, but like the idea that there is no longer a cord. I've also used this a couple times and have had the charge die on me, but I just turned around and plugged that sucker and continued to use it. AMAZE!

Great while it lasts - September 11, 2016
Reviewed By: Myalias

Easily the best sex toy ever for thrteen months, one month longer than the warrantee, at which point it died. Outrageous for the price. My old plugin model still works as always although not as much fun, good enough

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