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How I ditched the diet, got naked, found true pleasure…and somehow got home in time to cook dinner

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The author of the notorious "Riverdale Goddess" blog says it all in her new book's subtitle: "How I ditched the diet, got naked, found true pleasure… and somehow got home in time to cook dinner." The story of a longtime wife and mom turned erotic explorer and happy, shameless hussy (who's still a wife and mom after many adventures including nude workshops and visits to sacred intimates), this is a great introduction to the idea that anyone, anytime can decide to explore sexual possibility -- and a compulsively readable, page-turning memoir of one middle-class woman's erotic awakening. Ride along as she shares all the juicy details with us, with her cadre of women friends (and, finally, with her surprised but still-loving husband). By Pamela Madsen. 2011, 272 pp.

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Author: Pamela Madsen

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