A Young Woman's Survival Guide, 2nd Edition

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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

Filled with illustrations, comics, photos, poetry and tons of honest information, this book is a Read More

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Filled with illustrations, comics, photos, poetry and tons of honest information, this book is a comprehensive guide to surviving in today’s world. Written by young women, it includes sections on: relationships, dating, sexuality, safe sex, birth control, nutrition, fitness, abuse, drugs, alcohol, and health care…presented with a straightforward approach, realistic images and personal accounts. Also included is a resource section filled with information about housing, services, job training, health care and substance abuse counseling (in the San Francisco Bay Area). 2006, 130 pp.

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

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Good But Mistitled - November 19, 2010
Reviewed By: Miss Kay

The Young Woman's Survival Guide is a great book - I definitely don't disagree there. However, I really think it should be labeled "The Urban Young Woman's Survival Guide". A lot of the art and poems would really identify more with people living in an urban setting or in busy, populated cities. For my midwest-city self, the issue of being offered drugs, how to keep my needles clean, keeping healthy in the "ghetto" (their words, not mine; I find the word offensive) just wasn't all that useful to me. Interspersed with the information is a lot of different poems and pictures - the layout ends up looking a little crazy because of it. However, the frank information is refreshing - while it discourages drug use, it also tells you the best way to make sure you have clean equipment. While it discourages pregnancy, it lets you know what's going to happen during an abortion. This is the type of stuff that other teenage books don't usually cover. All of the information is presented in a straight-forward manner, and while I think that people in "quieter" cities may not find this quite as useful, I do think that anyone with a teenage girl should purchase this and give it to them since it deals with the issues that young woman are too afraid to ask. Recommended.

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