Liquid Latex Rainbow Kit

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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

Be the star of the ball (or bedroom) with this sexy, paint-on latex. Read More

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Be the star of the ball (or bedroom) with this sexy, paint-on latex. Great as a show-offy garment (plus you can tear it off for heightened exhibitionistic play!) or to bring out yours or your partner's artistic side. Apply like finger paint or with a sponge; a little goes a long way, but use multiple coats for extended wear. Or paint it onto clothes for a fetishy effect! (Warning: the material may not come off porous fabrics. On skin, apply lotion first, and remove or minimize body hair for best effect.) Finish off with Shyne Polish for a sleek, sexy and particularly beautiful look. Non-toxic, natural, and biodegradable. NOT intended to be used as a safer sex material, and not recommended for use by those with latex or ammonia sensitivities.

Rainbow Kit Includes:
  • One 8oz. Red Liquid Latex
  • One 8oz. Orange Liquid Latex
  • One 8oz Yellow Liquid Latex
  • One 8oz Green Liquid Latex
  • One 8oz blue Liquid Latex
  • One 8oz Purple Liquid Latex
  • Four 1" Foam Brushes
  • Two 2" Foam Brushes
  • One 3" Foam Roller
  • One 3" Foam Roller Refill
  • One 4oz Shyne Polish
  • Instructions
Everything you need for a super sexy costume or flirty body decoration.

Tips & Ideas!

  • Paint a zipper into your outfit, or decals such as buttons
  • Silicone lubricant will add shine to the finished product
  • Shave body hair for a smooth effect, and to reduce pulled hair

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

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Customer Reviews
Best Liquid Latex I have ever used! - October 14, 2011
Reviewed By: sfbodypainter

I regularly use liquid latex as a bodypainter and this is the highest quality product I have used! Not only is it user friendly (someone with literally no experience can have lots of fun with this product) but it holds up for about 12 hours so you can wear it out on the town! I highly recommend checking this product out.

I love this particular kit because it comes with everything, which makes it easy to pick up and try it out, has a variety of colors so you can do a few paintings or have some variety and its compact so it fits in drawers, suitcases, etc! I love it!

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