Please Cream Lubricant

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Please Cream Lubricant

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  • Water-based hybrid lubricant
  • Light, velvety texture
  • All natural, body-friendly ingredients
  • Free of glycerin and parabens
  • Safe with silicone toys
2 oz
8 oz
5mL Pillow Pack
$1.00 - $20.00
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Please Gel Lubricant 2oz
Please Gel Lubricant 2oz$9.00


Get ready to slip into something sexy with Please Cream Lube. Newly re-formulated, our signature lubrication offers superior slickness in a light, creamy texture that’s great for all manner of intimate play. Created using natural ingredients, Please Cream provides luxurious, long lasting moisture in an amazing glycerin-free, paraben-free water-based formula that is body-friendly and silicone toy safe. Sleek and soothing, Please Cream is a great choice for keeping your frisky fun friction-free. Available in 2 oz, and 8 oz containers.

Ingredients: Water/Aqua, Sorbitol, Isopropyl Palmitate, Dimethicone, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth 20, Polysorbate-20, Cellulose Gum, Sclerotium Gum, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Disodium

Note: This water-based lubricant contains a small amount of silicone(Dimethicone). At this small amount, this lubricant is safe for use with silicone toys.

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Brand: Please

Product Details

Ingredients: water/aqua, sorbitol, isopropyl palmitate, dimethicone, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, ceteareth 20, polysorbate-20, cellulose gum, sclerotium gum, potassium sorbate, citric acid, sodium benzoate, disodium edta


  • compatible with Silicone toys
  • moisturizing
  • Hybrid
  • lotion-like
  • silky texture

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
Cream's a Dream - January 15, 2019
Reviewed By: N

This was the first cream lube I tried. I fell in love. Love its creamy texture and that it is reminiscent of some ejaculate. Sliquid Silk is smoother and leaves less residue than the Please Cream after rubbing in, but this is still my go-to.

Perfect! - January 2, 2018
Reviewed By: Khaki

I love this cream lube. Honestly, after using all kinds of lubes, never have seen a cream before. It has lasting power, is good for simple daily moisturing. And best of all, being cream, it doesn't slip right through your fingers or off your toys and all over your sheets. That alone makes it worth while. We use it for vaginal, anal, and toy play. The taste is not bad, as far as lubes go, they all have a bit of an odd taste, I mean, unless you are using coconut oil or something like that, lubes just don't taste great. To me this almost has the teensiest tast of old school paste, the kind we ate as kids and made us artistic!

Feels - April 21, 2017
Reviewed By: TLB39

I used the Please cream sample with a dilator. This was my first time using this product. I usually opt for the gel, but it tends to leave a residue. This product left no residue and surprisingly the feel and texture is very close to natural lubrication. I like that It's not sticky and it doesn't leave a residue like other products. I'm very satisfied with this, and I will be purchasing a full size bottle.

Cliturizer - April 26, 2016
Reviewed By: Berlin

This cream will leave your skin (penis, clit, vagina or what have you) feeling extremely soft and moisturizing. It does not dry sticky. Feels a bit like massage lotion; the consistency is not as thick as a gel or thin as a liquid but lasts longer than a liquid and shorter than a gel. A very solid lube!

Love at first sight - August 3, 2015
Reviewed By: cuntastic

I was really intrigued by this lube, based on SESA's recommendation. Please Cream lube is wonderful! It is longer lasting, doesn't get sticky, moisturizers the skin, yes you can get all of these things in a lube! & the price is really reasonable!

The only lube for me! - November 25, 2014
Reviewed By: sextoynerd

Please Cream is my go-to lube. It has a wonderful creamy consistency that stays slick for long periods of time and is really moisturizing. I have found that Please Cream works great for all kinds of play: from masturbation to vaginal fisting, and anal sex. Please Cream doesn't leave a "lubey" feeling that makes me want to wash my hands and doesn't have a taste or smell which is really important to me!

Terrific lubricant if you're looking for a creamy consistency - December 23, 2013
Reviewed By: TabithaB

Got a small pack in the trial sampler, and was really impressed with the consistency, scent (or lack of one), and lubrication.

I'm in love with Please Cream!! - December 29, 2012
Reviewed By: KB

I bought the small $1 pack when I bought my first butt plug, and I fell in love with this lube (and anal toys!) I just bought the larger bottle because it is so good! It doesn't smell, feel sticky, and does not run like other lubes. Do yourself a favor skip the $1 packet and buy the big bottles! It is that great!!

love it! - May 31, 2011
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

I was very surprised by this lubricant. I have never used a cream lube so I honestly didn’t think I would like it. I was wrong. Sticky lubes or ones that leave a bad after taste in your mouth really ruin the mood for me so I was happy that this one surprised me. It is a nice consistency and very moisturizing! lol Almost tempted to use it for a lotion. It is not flavored but does not leave that unsavory taste in your mouth either. It is available in a nice small travel size…slip it in your purse and keep it handy or just throw it in your travel bag for those little trips away. The medium and large size has a nice pump that would be perfect beside the bed.

Bottom line this is a great lube…..non-sticky, stays slippery, moisturizing, and no funky after taste.

--from our reviewer, Memoir of a Scarlett Nymph

Please Cream is cash! - April 14, 2011
Reviewed By: Slow hand

My wife and I each have our own personal ready-at-hand bottle of Please at the headboard of our bed. Perfect for hand jobs for both of us. Incredible sensitivity! Doesn't run. Stays slippy and doesn't evaporate.

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