Flavor Waves

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Flavor Waves

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Fun meets flavor when you feast your senses using ONE’s tasty flavored condoms.

$1.15 - $13.99
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Fun meets flavor when you feast your senses using ONE’s tasty flavored condoms. As with this socially-conscious, fashion-forward company’s other condom styles, Flavor Waves are extra-thin, electronically tested latex condoms that come in an arty round package. Lubricated with flavored silicone and perfect for oral play, these condoms are reservoir-tipped with a straight-walled shape; they are crafted from Sensatex, a stretchier, smoother, clearer, purer latex which exceeds the highest testing standards world-wide. Design plus cutting-edge technology combine to bring you the next generation of smarter, safer and more sensual sex. Assorted flavors include: Banana Split, Bubblegum, Fresh Mint, Chocolate Strawberry, Chocolate Mint, or Island Punch.

When you choose ONE® condoms, you’re helping people in need. A portion of every purchase supports HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment efforts in Africa.

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Flavor Waves Condoms
latex condoms
Silicone lubricant
Straight-walled shape
Reservoir tip
Assorted flavors

Brand: One

Product Details

Material: Latex
Color: Various
Length: 192 millimeters
Diameter: 53 millimeters
Thickness: 0.097 millimeters


  • island punch
  • strawberry chocolate
  • mint
  • fresh mint
  • chocolate mint
  • assorted flavors. Bubblegum
  • bananna split
  • vanilla
  • bubblegum

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