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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

Do you suffer from latex sensitivities and are less enthusiastic about less elastic polyurethane? Read More

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Do you suffer from latex sensitivities and are less enthusiastic about less elastic polyurethane? Are you looking for a non-latex condom with that next-to-nothing feel? Then go Bare, with this new polyisoprene option, the Avanti that seems soft-as-skin. It’s the next best thing to wearing nothing… with all the protection, but not the feel, of other latex-free alternatives.

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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

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Customer Reviews
Won't be using these again - December 8, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

These are non-latex, but they have a lubricant on them. I'm not sure what's in the lubricant but it made my skin swell almost as much as latex does. Can someone please offer a polyurethane condom without lubricant or spermicide? If you're already going for sensitive skin why not go all the way?

Want a great condom? Stop right here. - July 5, 2010
Reviewed By: AnonNowhere

I am highly allergic to latex and, face it, no one really likes the plastic baggie feel of the polyurethane alternatives. Durex Bare to the rescue! Not only are these condoms incredibly thin, they have a skin-like feel for both parties and are amazingly strong. They also smell much better than their latex cousins. I truly recommend these to everyone, allergic to latex or not.

Warm and wonderful sensations - October 29, 2009
Reviewed By: DommeMyPet

Bare non-latex condoms are the most comfortable I've experienced. It's the first time a partner has used them, and I'll carry them with me from now on. So much silkier than latex and no irritation nor dryness. We didn't need to use lube they felt so good. And if ever a condom was gonna tear, it should have given out then. He's pretty thick and we were going at it like crazy. Held up beautifully and left us both feeling like we won't have to restrain ourselves at all next time. I loved them!

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