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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

She's in control with the all-new and improved non-allergenic female condom! The same length as a Read More

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She's in control with the all-new and improved non-allergenic female condom! The same length as a male condom but designed to be worn inside the vagina, it features two rings, one at each end of the tube, which anchor it in place. The ring on the open end rests just outside the vaginal opening. It is made of oil- and puncture-resistant nitrile, a synthetic rubber (a quieter material than the FC1's polyurethane), and is pre-lubricated with silicone lube; additional lube can be used. See The Female Condom for more about this style of condom, which was previously called the Reality Condom and the FC. Also called an insertive condom, with the inner ring removed it can be used anally as well. 17 cm (6.5 inches) long.

Non-latex, compatible with oil-based lubricants

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Vendor Description
This style of Female Condom is the first only US FDA approved device for women that provides both contraceptive protection and disease prevention. Providing pleasure and sensation, fc2 female condom has been used and enjoyed by millions of women around the world. An important alternative to male condoms, FC2 Female Condom is a soft, thin, lubricated and transparent nitrile rubber (non-latex) sheath that lines the vagina. FC2 Female Condom is safe for use with water-based and oil-based lubricants and can be inserted seconds to hours before sexual intercourse.

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

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Customer Reviews
interesting concept - December 11, 2010
Reviewed By: safesex80

Advantages: more sensitivity, most natural feeling barrier I've used, protects a wider area around the vagina and testicle area.

Disadvantages: it can look strange to a partner, a little practice to put in, I might not bust one of these out on a first date.

I acquired about 50 or more of these condoms from my roommate years ago. Decided to put them to use. They take some getting used to; the lady has to insert flex this ring and it holds its place in there, but once its in it doesnt really move or fall out. My partner said after the ring was in they couldnt feel it in there. The sensation is better than a normal condom cause it allows real movement on skin rather than movement through a tight latex layer. A little squeeze of lube on the inside is golden also.

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