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Green product fits our eco-friendly values of sustainable and ethically and/or environmentally conscious sex.

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

A great value latex condom especially suited for use on your sex toys. Clear and lubricated. Read More

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A great value latex condom especially suited for use on your sex toys. Clear and lubricated.

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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys


  • Great for toys!

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Customer Reviews
Use it with your toys - July 5, 2011
Reviewed By: Me Time

I have, unfortunately, developed an allergy to my favorite toy. This condom has worked great to cover it so that I might still enjoy my me time.

Works with Silicone! - December 8, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

I buy these by the bulk, which saves me money. These condoms work great on a number of toys that I use with myself and partners to keep things clean and easy. The majority of toys I have are silicone that have been manufactured within the last decade. The condoms work great with them. I also have a Jelly Rubber dildo and because there's been a lot of talk about harmful Phlalates in the material, I always use the condoms over that one as well. I only wish there were cheaper condom options for folks with latex sensitivities.

Also great to keep jack sessions tidy - December 8, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

Also, excellent value for money if you just want to keep things from getting too messy when a handjob (or self-pleasuring) seems called for. I and my partner get a lot of use out of them. One caveat: I'm wondering about the lube used. It seems like silicone to me and I wonder about its being safe for silicone toys. So I use a different condom brand for those. Otherwise, good product, great price for the purpose!

Cover your toy - June 13, 2009
Reviewed By: RockyLaFemme

This is a great item to use on your toys if you are sharing them with others. Premium Condom are a green product which is a huge plus if you use condoms to cover your toys every time you masturbate. Also the price can't be beat.
I got a bunch of these for free a few years back and tried to use them with the boyfriend I had at the time. I am sorry to say they did not work to well. They did not burst but they run very small. Not short but just not wide enough. If I was not on the pill at the time and in a monogamous relationship there is no way I would have risked using these condoms with that particular partner. That is why I only gave them 3 stars. If they were wider they would get all 5.

Average Condoms - October 2, 2008
Reviewed By: anle777

Theres not much to it, just a regular lubricated condom. However, I did tear one time when I used it with my boyfriend once. Maybe because we were too rough? All in all, it just does what it's supposed to.

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