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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

Indulge in some amorous aromatherapy with Good Vibrations all-natural bath and body line. Read More

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Indulge in some amorous aromatherapy with Good Vibrations all-natural bath and body line. Soak away your stress with Relax Me Fizzy Bath Bath Ball, emerge feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Nourish your skin with Vitamin E and the herbal extracts in our Touch Me Massage Oil, or choose the silky-smooth formula of Knead Me Massage Lotion. In the mood for something different? Try Rub Me, a concentrated massage bar made with creamy cocoa and shea butters that melt on contact with warm skin. Really want to heat things up? Light an Ignite Me massage candle, blow out the flame and drizzle the low-temperature melted soy wax on your partner, who may get hot, but won’t get burned! Whether you fancy a soothing soak or sensuous massage, we’ve got the “Me” for you.


Note: This product may melt if shipped to a warm location


“The Fancy Me comes in a very cute bag that is also small enough to pack for a sweet surprise when you are away from home. I think it's a good gift to give to a couple or to your partner. There is everything you need to spoil your sweetie with a bubble bath and a good massage after they soak, or you can take the bath together and do some mutual massaging after.”

“If you're looking for a little romance and passion in your relationship, you should look no further than this fun little kit.”
– Muscle Squirt of CARNAL NATION

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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

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Customer Reviews
lots of good times - August 9, 2010
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

The bubbles generated from the Soothe Me bubble bath were lovely. I would say each bottle should provide at least four good baths with a good amount of bubbles. I was quite pleased that there was some shea butter included in the ingredients, as many times, I find myself feeling too dry after a bath if I don’t add a little grape seed oil. The shea butter made the bath feel silky, but not greasy. Very nice.

he Touch Me massage oil is spectacular. Made with the base of sweet almond oil, it is a professional grade massage oil. And I put it to the true test! I asked a regular client if he would mind if I tested out a new oil on him. After doing a sniff test on the aforementioned Morning Dew scent, he gave me the green light.

I used about a quarter of the bottle over the course of a one hour deep tissue massage and I couldn’t have been more pleased with how well the oil performed. It moisturized his skin enough to create a perfect glide, with no slippery mess and without reapplying frequently. I was able to use my fingers, arms, and even elbows on his back with this oil as seamlessly as I do with my usual go-to massage oil. In fact, I carry this bottle around in my purse, just in case one of my pals has a massage related need while we’re on the go. The little bottle fits in my purse much better than the larger bottle I normally use during regular sessions.

--from our reviewer, Fantastically Naughty

love it! - August 3, 2010
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

I have used the massage candles before, and I love them. I think they feel so good! The nice little trickle of heat makes you jump at first contact, but feels awesome to your nerve endings. The wax of the candle allows for a smooth glide across the skin, yet the wax doesn't dry up like a lotion does, but stays on for a longer massage.

I thought that the kit smelled amazing, definitely my favorite kit by far that I have tried as far as smells go. The kit is $36 no matter what scent you get, and is perfect for gift giving, personal use, or for a surprise for your partner. The kit is small enough to hide easily in order to take along with you to surprise your lover on a vacation, romantic retreat or on your honeymoon.

I really love this kit, and I already have ideas of who I might be buying more of these for. I think they are just the perfect little gift since they are already so adorably wrapped up and have such a nice variety. No matter if they are single or not, I think anyone can use this kit, if nothing but for a little relaxing "me" time.

--from our reviewer, Never too Shy

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