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Fullsize Leather Flogger

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Swing the praises of sensation play with the Fullsize Leather Flogger.

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Fullsize Leather Flogger



Swing the praises of sensation play with the Fullsize Leather Flogger.  A longer version of the Handy Flogger, the Full Swing features 30 midweight cowhide tails that are ½ inch wide and 21 inches long, and a 9-inch rubber-wrapped handle for a total overall length of thirty full inches. Like its smaller cousin, the Full Swing delivers sensations ranging from a gentle thump to a moderate sting and works as well for some more experienced aficionados as it does to those beginning their intense explorations.  Sleekly designed and beautifully constructed, this elegant flogger is an irresistible invitation to get into the swing of things.

Cowhide leather and rubber
Handle: 9”, Tails: 21” (Handle: 22.86 cm, Tails: 53.33 cm)

Product Details

Material: Cowhide Leather
Color: Purple / Black or Black
Dimensions: 30" long
Warranty: 30 Days

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