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Number One STP

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Add a new dimension of realism to your gender identification with the Realistic STP.

Vanilla (Light Tone)
Caramel (Medium Tone)
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Number One STP
Add a new dimension of realism to your gender identification with The Realistic Silicone STP (Stand To Pee). Featuring a realistic appearance, this marvel of form and function mimics a penis in painstaking detail. Designed as a single piece, the soft silicone construction is both durable and pliable, allowing the device to be worn against the body comfortably and securely with and extra-large hole at the tip for effective evacuation. Discreet and hygienic, The Realistic Silicone STP is an innovation in gender exploration and expression.

Body-safe -- Sex toys are made from many different materials, with varying amounts of information available about them, and many have not been tested for safety. We always choose better-quality items, and we give special attention to those we know to be safer.

Made in the USA -- Many sex toy and products are produced overseas. Choosing one that's manufactured and assembled in the United States reduces shipping and has a lower carbon footprint.

Brand: Number One Lab

Product Details

Material: Silicone
Color: Skin Tones
Dimensions: Length: 6.1", N/A, Diameter: 1"
Warranty: 30 Days


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Flexible
  • Reusable

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
Perfect - April 20, 2019
Reviewed By: Terry bear

Love to try new dildos with my partner

too small - August 10, 2013
Reviewed By: Diggler

I just purchased this today at goodvibes on valencia street and have used three times today. It is wayyy too small to pee with for me and if it was my real penis I would actually pee on my balls. There is not enough room for my hand to fit between the opening of the whole that attaches to my anatomy and the second hole where the urine flows out of for me. I purchased this because the opening looked large enough to contain my flow without having to control the stream of urine like i have to do with other STP devices like the Peecock. I thought this device would be just perfect and it is with the exception of length. There is not enough lengthwise on the shaft for the palm of my hand to hold and control the flow of pee. There is only enough room for maybe two of my fingers to fit around it. Now if they could make the shaft at least four inches then it would be the best STP device I have used ever. Good news- the whole is large enough to push a normal stream for normal urine flow. The front opening is large enough horizontal split and not vertical so it flows real easy once you get going. The only problem is not enough real estate to wrap a hand around it at the urinal.

It isnt bad - April 17, 2013
Reviewed By: BoiWonder

Made by a queer owned company. The size is 4inches, not that big at all. They should make various sizes. Cleaning is easy drying it out is kinda difficult, better to air dry. Might have to use a talc powder or cyberskin powder when not in use due to the silicon it is made of. Label doesn't tell you all the good things like if it is hypoallergenic, environmental friendly or phthalates free. For many this may not matter however it matters to me. It is bendable and flexible to wear as a packer however it is smaller the the original Sailor 1 soft packer to the point where it is not noticable if you are using this for gender expression. It is really easy to use, no back flow, and has good opening for a steady stream. Depending one the size of one's biological package will determine how many tries it will take for you to master the art. It is a cheap realistic STP and I'm glad a bought it. Even if it is not my main one it is a good back up.

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