Verspanken Masturbator

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New to our product line.Phthalates-Free.

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

VerSpanken is an exciting new product that offers unique sensation for our male customers! Read More

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Experience a new kind of home entertainment system with the Verspanken Male Masturbator. A whole new innovation in male masturbation, the Verspanken combines pressure and texture to provide an incredibly stimulating self-love sensation. Simply snap in the Foam Wiener inserts into the plastic housing, apply lubrication, slide up and down the penis and hold on for the ride of your life. Different motions apply varying degrees of pressure to produce a different stroking sensation. The Foam Weiners come in a variety of textures and are completely interchangeable - mix and match for a customized session of private pleasure. If playing with temperature is something that gets you hot then you can remove the Foam Wieners™ and insert the Water Wieners™ (sold separately) into the housing. Water Wieners™ also come in Smooth, Bumpy or Wavy textures but can be warmed by placing in the microwave or chilled by placing them in the refrigerator. For an intimate experience as erotic as it is ingenious, Verspanken is sure to amaze!

Verspanken Masturbator
Unique masturbator that offers a "squeezing" sensation
Made from body-safe materials
Approx. 10" x 6" (25cm x 15cm)


Body-safe -- Sex toys are made from many different materials, with varying amounts of information available about them, and many have not been tested for safety. We always choose better-quality items, and we give special attention to those we know to be safer.

Recyclable Packaging/Materials -- When the package and/or material for your toy can be recycled, you can reduce the impact of your purchase on the environment.

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

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