Sparkle Plugs Premium Anal Toys

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Sparkle Plugs Premium Anal Toys

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You'll really feel dressed to the nines when you add these shining medical grade stainless steel anal plugs to your ensemble.

Clear Crystal Small
Clear Crystal Medium
Electra Small
Electra Medium
D'or Soleil Small
D'or Soleil Medium
Aurora Small
Aurora Medium
Aqua Medium
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You'll really feel dressed to the nines when you add these shining medical grade stainless steel anal plugs to your ensemble. Enhanced with authentic sparkling Swarovski crystals, these unique toys will add elegance and erotic sensation to your anal explorations -- and give you something spectacular to show off if you're feeling exhibitionistic! Manufactured in the USA at a facility that makes surgical implements these quality plugs are the real deal. Beginners may wish to start with the smaller model.

Sparkle Plugs Premium Anal Toys
High quality medical grade stainless steel metal with authentic Swarovski crystal adornment on base.
Small: 2.75" x 1.125" (7cm x 2.9cm), weight: 6.6 oz
Medium: 3.25" x 1.375" (8.25cm x 3.5cm), weight: 9.5 oz
Velvet storage pouch included

Princess Butt Plugs, Jewel Butt Plugs

Brand: Haka

Product Details

Material: Metal
Texture: Smooth
Length: 3.5 inches or 2.75 inches or 3 inches
Insertable Length: 2.75 inches or 2.5 inches or 3 inches or 3.25 inches
Diameter: 1.35 inches or 1.19 inches or 1.125 inches or 1.375 inches

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Customer Reviews
Stainless Sparkle Splendidly Surprises - September 5, 2018
Reviewed By: Mermaid of Manhattan

Already familiar with the joys that stainless steel could bring, I was overjoyed to find a Sparkle Plug that matches my inner ~*essence*~. I found a medium sized one with a blue-green Swarovski crystal that's perfect and super on-brand for me. I love combining this with a bath bomb with water in similar colors. Ask your partner to check under the hood, see what you found in the tub. idk, kids, get creative. Yolo. I didn't have any problems with it staying in when walking or standing, as at least one other reviewer had stated. Bodies are different ::shrug:: In closing, I never knew a butt plug could make me so happy.

Too heavy - May 24, 2018
Reviewed By: Penelope

I think I have the size medium. It is still too small to be stimulating. The heaviness is not pleasant feeling. For pleasure during sex, I much prefer larger, silicone plugs. However, I like the look of this one, so I thought it would be sexy to wear in public.

Thank god I wore it to a sex club bc it just fell out!! I would much prefer a lighter plug that I could trust to stay in.

great pleasure - September 2, 2013
Reviewed By: cock babe

I bought this toy with some hesitancy, I was totally new to anal sex and of course the cost was a little scary for someone with no real anal experience. I am happy I took the plunge so to speak. My husband is ecstatic and after just one use I was sold and thought this is worth every penny. Give it a try and you will be happy you did.

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