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New to our product line.Green product fits our eco-friendly values of sustainable and ethically and/or environmentally conscious sex.

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

This private's unique design makes for a more realistic presence. Read More

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Developed by Good Vibrations' staff, this soft pack has been sculpted with painstaking detail to provide a more realistic presence than many other packers currently available. The Private Silicone Packer has a much different feel than soft skin Sailor Soft Pack. Made from silicone (similar to our Captain & First Mate dildos), Private packer has a firm feel and shape, while still being a little pliable (but not as pliable as the Sailor Soft Pack). The veined shaft and dimensional textured balls lend the Private an authentic feeling and heft while being worn or handled. The compact design allows the Private to be worn comfortably, while the elongated lip at the base of the shaft helps maintain proper positioning and prevents any unwanted slippage while being worn in a harness or packing garment. Created with comfort, security and realism in mind, the Private Packer is the perfect tool for you!

Private Silicone Packer
5" x 1 3/8" (12.7cm x 3.5cm).

Note: We are proud to proclaim that each one of these dildos are individually hand crafted right here in the United States. Because these items are hand mixed & handmade, there could be slight color variations from what is pictured.

Body-safe -- Sex toys are made from many different materials, with varying amounts of information available about them, and many have not been tested for safety. We always choose better-quality items, and we give special attention to those we know to be safer.

Made in the USA -- Many sex toy and products are produced overseas. Choosing one that's manufactured and assembled in the United States reduces shipping and has a lower carbon footprint.

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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

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Customer Reviews
Not a Packer...More Like a Sculpture - November 21, 2012
Reviewed By: Unhung

I am trying to figure out what to do with this thirty dollar piece of silicone now that I own it. It is certainly not a packer, at least I don't think anyone could walk around with this thing in their pants. It is hard! Beyond dildo hard, and definitely far beyond flaccid or even erection hard. Just damn uncomfortably hard... Do not buy this if you are looking for a packer. It might be more well suited to hanging on a wall in a funky gallery of erotic art.

A visible erection, not a packer. - August 11, 2012
Reviewed By: TransInParadise

This packer should be called the Public, not the Private. Its hardness and size make it wear like a full, barely constrained erection, not a realistic filling-in of the trouser front. The measurement did say 5", but I thought this was some kind of overall measurement, not the length of the penis; *nobody* has a 5" flaccid penis, especially not a small person like me. And I reiterate that there is nothing at all flaccid about this penis, so it does not conform to the body or its position. Sitting down threatens to tear through my zipper, even though I don't wear tight pants.

It is beautifully realistic in the veins and scrotum, and could be very nice worn in private to show your partner that you're unambiguously aroused. Wearing it in public, however, will get you unambiguously arrested.

Hard as a rock not just firm,disappointed. - May 4, 2012
Reviewed By: The real deal

I very much dislike this product, when you said it is firmer, you really meant this is STIFF and well beyond firm, and It does not have a "realistic" feel to it, due to it being SO stiff.

extremely hard material. - January 27, 2012
Reviewed By: sevententacles

Looks super realistic. I really like the three dimensional balls, and just the design all-around.
The thing is, it's really hard. My experience with silicone is limited to the Realdoe, which is pretty solid. I figured silicone came in varying degrees of stiffness, and this would be a bit squishy.
Not at all. It -can- be bent into an upright position, but not without effort. No way would this ever fool the hand, although the appearance is, like I said, superior to any other packer I've tried. I just wish the material was a lot softer, because this even feels odd in the pants.
I wish someone else had written a review before me, because now I'm going to have to buy the Sailor as well.

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