Hearts On Fire Kit

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A featured Good Vibrations pleasure product!

Brand: Pleasure Works

Light or reignite the flames of desire with this hot-blooded kit! Read More

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Light or reignite the flames of desire with this hot-blooded kit! The massage candle, when lit, melts into warm, sensual soy-based oil perfect for rubbing into your lover's skin. Tease and relax all at once! Add to the slippery sensuality with our mini Rub Me Massage Bar and Please Warming Lubricant. The pleasurable buzz of a waterproof mini bullet vibrator rounds out your night of erotic heat. A perfect gift for the one who sets your heart on fire!

Our sensual, sexy kits are perfect presents for a night or day of romance, to take along on a trip out of town, as frisky party favors or bridesmaids' gifts. Send a sexy message or just stock up on erotic delights so you'll have them at home when the time is right! All our Good Vibes Body & Massage products are deliciously scented or flavored with natural ingredients and essential oils, so relax and indulge in your pleasures.

Hearts On Fire

  • 1 Waterproof Mini Bullet Vibrator
  • 1 Ignite Me Massage Candle 1 oz
  • 1 Mini Rub Me Massage Bar 1 oz
  • 1 Please Warming Lubricant Sample 5 ml

Note: This product may melt if shipped to a warm location

Note: The massage items in this kit are wonderful as their low melting point works great to melt quickly and easily with body heat. Their low melting point may also make them melt in the box when shipping to warmer climates or in warmer seasons. Please consider 3-day shipping or faster as well as having a cool place for these to safely arrive when being delivered.

Brand: Pleasure Works

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Customer Reviews
A delightful night - November 25, 2010
Reviewed By: Gigi44

These kits are a delightful way to turn a normal night into a special night, by providing everything you need: candle, massage cream, lubricant, and a vibrating bullet. All you need for a romantic night that can turn into a passionate one. Your senses will reel from the smell and feel of the products contained in this cute little bag... and your partner will appreciate the thought and effort you took, not knowing it was all provided for you!!

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