Naughty & Nice Leather Slapper

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Naughty & Nice Leather Slapper

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Tease and tickle or strike a firm blow with this slender, versatile black leather slapper. Backed

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Tease and tickle or strike a firm blow with this slender, versatile black leather slapper. Backed with plush black faux fur, it's a great toy for starting out softly and sensually, and the thick leather side lets you escalate sensation into thuddy spanks. With this dual personality you can go from naughty to nice and back again. Great for all experience levels.

Naughty & Nice Leather Slapper
11” long
Black leather and faux fur

Brand: Sportsheets

Product Details

Material: Fleece / Leather
Color: Black
Dimensions: 11" long


  • Metal may contain nickel
  • Fur on one side
  • Dual-sided
  • Beginner friendly

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
Just a Toy, but Nice Quality - July 5, 2011
Reviewed By: Seimi J

I got mine in the mail today. It is well constructed. . . glued, stitched, and riveted. The comfortable grip area is about 3 1/2 inches long. The fur is very soft and fuzzy, although bits of it do seem to come off when rubbed.

Great product for light BDSM or spicing up the love life. The soft side is mostly for show, as it doesn't hurt and the paddle isn't sturdy enough for a deep thudding blow. The leather side packs a powerful sting.

If you like hard blows, I would suggest something a little sturdier. The price seems about right for the product. . . a tad on the expensive side.

The name fits! - October 13, 2010
Reviewed By: Charlie D

This toy really is Naughty and Nice! The leather side gives a good sting and the soft side can ease the sting while still giving a good soft thud. It’s super easy to switch from one side to another to mix up the sensations.

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