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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

Lock ‘em down and tie ‘em up.  These quality restraints have a lockable closure and D-ring for Read More

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Lock ‘em down and tie ‘em up.  These quality restraints have a lockable closure and D-ring for tethering to a bedpost, under the bed strap system or any other immobile object. Garment leather lining the cuffs offers a soft, yet solid feel. Simple to intentionally take on and off, the durable bonds are not easily broken, even during passionate play. 11” long x 2 1/2” wide. Black Leather with Purple Strap and Silver Hardware.

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

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Customer Reviews
Worth the money - October 9, 2010
Reviewed By: Amateur Bondage

Very comfortable to struggle against, and they can be taken off easily by oneself or another. I bought them and some cheaper ones, but these win out all the time (and they are stylish to boot).

Beauty, restrained - March 25, 2010
Reviewed By: Sir Topper

These are gateway cuffs. Oh yes, at first you'll be oohing and aahing about how pretty they are, and then how comfortable they are on your wrist, and how secure they are, especially locked. But then you'll start to wonder if maybe you're just a little kinkier than who regularly frequent GV and you want something more than sending your girl to the orgasmic stratosphere with these cuffs and a Hitachi.

But after all that, you'll still love these cuffs.

beautiful cuffs, quality a+ - November 28, 2009
Reviewed By: troubleclub

Not only are these beautiful in person, but they are well made. We've been through a couple pair of crap cuffs and these are by far the best. The leather is really nice and strong, they break in fast and are very comfortable (but not too comfortable!)

They are pricey for cuffs, but I feel they were really worth the money. The purple is beautiful and they look great on girls and boys!

Too Attached - September 25, 2009
Reviewed By: Queen

The Locking Love Restraints are top quality in every respect. The restraints are constructed out of top-quality garment leather and first-class rivets and hardware. These are definitely not some cheesy novelty junk. These cuffs are made to stand up to regular rigorous use over a long period of time. If I were looking to purchase one of my first pieces of BDSM equipment, I would purchase these cuffs.
– Queen of Fucking Everything!, from CarnalNation.com

Lock Me Up; Lock Me Down - September 25, 2009
Reviewed By: Tess Danesi

The best thing about these cuffs is the very soft leather on the inside. If you’re new to cuffs and want something comfortable, these definitely fit the bill.
– Tess Danesi, from CarnalNation.com

The Hitching Post - September 25, 2009
Reviewed By: Ms Fit Toy

Looking in my tool box, I have at least 3 sets of restraints, and NONE of them come close to these. I love my locking love restraints. And since I just got hitched, I'll be taking them on my honeymoon.
– Ms. Fit Toy, from CarnalNation.com

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