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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

The Fleshlight® On A Mission mount is designed to be the ultimate accessory for your Fleshlight Read More

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The Fleshlight® On A Mission mount is designed to be the ultimate accessory for your Fleshlight masturbation sleeve. Securely holds a Fleshlight in place allowing you to ride on top of it, simulating the missionary position, so the days of wedging your Fleshlight between couch cushions for support are over. This mount has a flat base for easy positioning, and is also easy to store away under the bed, in a drawer, or wherever. Made of luxurious faux leather, the mount wipes down easily with soap and water and can be used with any water-based lubricant; try it with Please Warming Gel Lubricant to really heat things up! The On A Mission mount will also hold similar shaped masturbation sleeves like the Tenga Lip Service.

On A Mission Fleshlight Mount
Faux Leather
9.5" tall by 27" long (24.13cm tall x 68.58cm long)
Fleshlight sold separately.

Please Note: There will be a bulk item surcharge of $20 added to your order for extra handling fees when ordering Liberator items. We ship Liberator items from the same zip code as the Liberator facilities.

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

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Customer Reviews
fun solo or with a partner - October 26, 2010
Reviewed By: GV Affiliate Reviews

The newest addition to my sex life has been the "On a Mission Fleshlight Mount". And my, what a great addition it has been. The Mount is about ten inches tall and about three feet in length. This means it is a big sex shape, but it's nothing that can't be hidden under the bed. Of course, while this is a great addition to a private masturbation session, I think it makes an amazing couples toy as well.

You see, I really enjoy watching a guy hump something. The physical act of moving the hips up and down in that hypnotic manner is just so sexy to me. It's like porn in itself. Unfortunately, my ceilings and walls aren't covered in mirrors, so it can be really difficult to watch that movement in the middle of our sex together, so if I really want to watch it, I’d need to have something external – something like this Fleshlight Mount.

There's also something very sexy about watching a guy masturbate. It's something that guys have done since they’ve been very young and have taken immense pleasure out of it. It's something that is private and not usually shared with anyone. Of course, this means it's extra arousing to watch.

The Mount itself is covered in a faux leather. Inside of this faux leather is a waterproof lining that keeps the lubricant from harming the inner Liberator foam. There’s a hole in the slanted edge of the Mount that makes it extremely easy to slide the Fleshlight into the hole. It stays put once it is slid in and no amount of thrusting is going to make that Fleshlight come back out on your thrust. It requires a turning motion to even remove the Fleshlight from the Mount itself. The bottom of the Mount is covered in the microfiber material which means this mount provides a no-slip surface against any other microfiber or against other Liberator shapes. We’ve tried it, and no, it doesn’t slip up against other surfaces. It slipped up against our silk bedding, but when laid on a textured blanket or on our regular carpet, there was very little problem with slipping.

--from our reviewer, Miss Kay

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