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Lube Shooter

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You'll be slicked up and ready for pleasurable, comfortable play with the help of the Lube Shooter,

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You'll be slicked up and ready for pleasurable, comfortable play with the help of the Lube Shooter, which delivers your lubricant of choice internally. Finally all the lube goes where you need it -- not on the sheets or squeegee-ing off the dildo as you insert it! Great for solo or partnered vaginal or anal play, and useable with most lube types. Particularly useful and recommended for anal penetration. The package includes three shooters (can be washed manually or in the dishwasher and re-used) plus one plunger (not dishwasher safe) and one rubber end cap which allows you to pre-load a shooter before play. Just fill the tube, remove the rubber end cap, and gently depress plunger to remove air; when the lube emerges from the tip, gently insert the Lube Shooter and slowly depress plunger to dispense lube.

Lube Shooter 
5” long x ½” diameter (12.7 cm long x 1.27 cm diameter)
Translucent blue or purple ABS plastic, please let us choose

Brand: Stockroom

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Customer Reviews
Best Ever! - August 7, 2015
Reviewed By: KnottyLawyer

This is a MUST have if you are a beginner with anal play. It makes it much easier and enjoyable.

I always keep it loaded - October 29, 2013
Reviewed By: Rita A

I'm post-menopausal but still active many times each week, recently expanding the repertoir to delicious anal. I bought this shooter anticipating my first anal experience, and it did the job of completely lubricated -- allowing an entirely enjoyable initiation. Easy to wash thoroughly between uses. I keep it loaded in my bedside drawer so we don't dimiish the mood with mechanics. The little rubber cap keeps everything clean and neat until ready for use.

But I've also found it improves vaginal sex, since it shoots the lube up there nice and deep. Makes things a lot less messy and eliminates any chafing even with those first deep thrusts. Thus I return to order a second set.

But WHY oh WHY only one plunger with the three tubes???

good lube for anal virgin - August 3, 2013
Reviewed By: virgin anal

It makes action smoothly As Live Chart's help,gel is thicker and last longer than other water-based lubes. So my bf's in and out action last longer too. I do not try Silicone, which is preferred by people who like thinner lubes. it is easy to clean than silicone.

Oh so easy - October 28, 2012
Reviewed By: Pure Pleasure

This is the perfect item to put lube where you want it. My wife and I use it with Slippery Stuff. It is so easy to use for all kinds of places. We keep it loaded, and use it as part of our preplay. Clean up is simple and easy, take apart, allow to dry, or just use one of the others.

Great - but Silicon melts the plunger - July 25, 2012
Reviewed By: 55cougar

Love the product, but wish the maker would package plungers with all the syringes. I like to 'preload' this product with my lube of choice so I am ready for the moment - well, I discovered if it sits too long silicon based lubes 'melt' the plunger - so what good are the other syringes? I suppose water based lubes won't do this, but silicon does..bummer as I like that the best (I like to play a long long time as does my partner). So im back to loading (and sometimes spoiling the moment) as needed. Just wash carefully with a good mild soap, dry and put away and it will last longer. I know its marketed as a disposable product, but Id like to get more than two or three uses out of each. Other than that - love the product!

Maximizing Anal Pleasure - May 12, 2012
Reviewed By: RD

We use one shot that is just in the butt and another deep. That keeps things lubricated for long enough to get the job done. Terrific!

- April 14, 2012
Reviewed By: a person

This is a game-changer for butt play.

I've also been somewhat surprised and horrified by the sharp-looking applicators that come with yeast infection treatments. While I'm a man and therefore haven't used them, this is WAY smoother and the plunger forms a perfect, non-leaky seal, so this has got to be about a thousand times more comfortable and less messy.

Great idea; works well - September 12, 2011
Reviewed By: oko boy

We still love making love, even though she doesn't have enough natural lube these days. This shooter gets the lube where we need it, and avoids much of the mess. Already used scores of times and not need for new ones.

Best value ever in our toy drawer.

Easy shooter - July 12, 2010
Reviewed By: Buff

Being menopausal & in need of estrogen cream, I have found this to be much easier to use than the applicator that comes with the cream. I am sure to use the prescribed amt of the hormone cream. Of course, it can be used to place lube inside.

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