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New to our product line.Phthalates-Free.

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

Anal play is safer and more healthful -- and much more comfortable and pleasurable too -- when you Read More

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Anal play can be safer and more healthful -- and much more comfortable and pleasurable too -- when you use this handy bulb-style portable water rinse to get clean before getting busy. Simply fill the pthalate- and latex-free bulb with lukewarm water, screw on the nozzle (it comes with two, one thicker and one thin), insert and rinse--then proceed with backdoor delights. Whether you're an anal beginner or an old hand, this travel-ready, easy-to-clean, well-designed accessory is a must-have! Bulb is neutral black with an 11 oz. capacity. Nozzles fit inside the bulb for easy storage.

How to Use an Enema

2012 AVN "O" Awards' nominated "Outstanding Non-Powered Product"!

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

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Customer Reviews
well-chosen item - better than drugstore/health websites' - June 3, 2013
Reviewed By: WhenWorldsCollide

The screw-on tip is a superior design to those available on conventional drugstore and we-have-it-all websites. The enema bulbs available elsewhere tend to just shove into the bulb, rather than screwing in - which leads to frustration getting it to attach, and sometimes the mistake of dropping the tip (into the toilet bowl, even) if it's not sufficiently attached. The two sizes is a nice touch, too. Different strokes. ;)

The bulb is a good size, fits in my hand well. Not pinching an ittie bittie syringe - it's a handful. And, as we know, a handful is enough. My hands aren't tiny, but they're not large, and this bulb never feels too big to handle comfortably.

I usually squirt 1/4-1/3 of a full bulb, since I'm not going for a full-on enema, just enough to rinse my rectum. If I squirt more than that, I tend to get this uncomfortably full feeling that might be acceptable for a Spring detox flush, but definitely does not put me in the mood. The full feeling leads to me feeling like I have to squeeze for a while. The nice thing is, as I really do prefer to rinse 3-4 times, I don't have to refill the bulb. Fill, squirt, repeat until empty, clean.

Do be careful about the angle you insert it. The inside of the hole is not scratchy, but it does have an industrial clean edge that can feel sharp if drawn directly across the edge of anal opening. Insert directly, *then* tilt. You could also use a very, very fine grit sandpaper (like, almost nail buffer fine). This is not a defect - there are enema spouts with burs, and this is not one of them. Just insert the spout wisely.

Looking forward to a deluxe model, one day, with a one-way valve to prevent "backwash!" If anyone could find it and recognize its superiority, it would be Good Vibes.

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