Renegade Leather Harness

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Brand: Kinklab

You can rock all night in this super-comfortable, garment leather-quality harness, double-stitched Read More

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You can rock all night in this super-comfortable, garment leather-quality harness, double-stitched for strength (so go wild!), and easy to put on, take off, and adjust with D-ring fasteners and improved front O ring snap design. With superior design and quality, this easy-to-wear harness is sure to become your new favorite. Please refer to our Returns Policy for this item.

Renegade Leather Harness
Black Leather
Fits hip size 33 ½” – 50”
Includes three nitrile O rings in circumferences that fit most toys: 1.5”, 1.75”, 2"

Care and Cleaning

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Brand: Kinklab


  • O-rings Included
  • Latex-free
  • Double Dildo Compatible

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Customer Reviews
Wonderful adjustable leather harness! - March 23, 2013
Reviewed By: Moxi DeMure

The Renegade Leather Harness was one of my first harnesses, and I still love it despite having competition in the harness drawer. What sets the Renegade apart from many of its leather competitors is the fact that it is adjustable with D-rings, which makes it endlessly adjustable. Gone are the days where one finds themselves between sizes with buckles. Gone are the days of tooling your own holes, or hoping that the one hole that fits just right doesn't stretch out any time soon. Add to that the profile on the back pad of this harness is slim, meaning folks with wider thighs will find that it rubs on their thighs potentially less. My only complaint about this, is that as someone who does not have wider thighs, this allowed the back pad to sit lower on my body, and the area where the leg straps meets the back pad rubbed just a little. Some folks might really enjoy this rubbing. It definitely created added clitoral/vulva stimulation. Sometimes this can be fun, at other times I found it distracting and irritating. If you, as the wearer, enjoy clitoral stimulation, you might really enjoy this effect. Keep in mind that leather is more difficult to clean than other options- spot cleaning, saddle soap, or SUPER diluted rubbing alcohol (one part alcohol to ten or twelve parts water) works for us. No one wants pesky spots reminding them of their last strap-on experience (unless that's your thing..). Lastly, having removable o-rings creates endlessly adjustable option. If you are prone to losing these rings, I'd recommend purchasing another pack or two. GV sells them too, and they are great! Plus, if you are patient, you can remove the back pad and put a double-ended toy with through the ring. It's not nearly as stable to hold the toy in this way, but for toys like the Share that are designed to stay in, sometimes all we need is a little extra help. The Renegade without the back pad is often the perfect amount of "little extra help." Overall, very adjustable, versatile, and comfortable. May not fit all body types perfectly, but is a great leather harness option!

Leather is the way to go! - October 27, 2010
Reviewed By: Charlie D

This leather feels amazing, and since it's smooth it sticks to my skin and doesn't move around at all; I feel like it becomes seamless with my body. It's got all D-rings so it's easy off/on and overall the straps are going to last a long time because you don't have to deal with buckle holes ripping. The back panel is also contoured so you don't have to worry about it digging in or chafing on the thighs, especially if you like to wear it low.

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