Smartballs Elastomer Kegel Balls

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Waterproof/Water-resistant toy or books.

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

Duotone balls have two large plastic balls that each hold a slightly smaller ball, providing a Read More

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Duotone balls have two large plastic balls that each hold a slightly smaller ball, providing a gentle bumping sensation with movement. Simple enough toys, but difficult to get just right -- until now. Completely coated in high-quality, attractively colored elastomer providing the perfect balance of comfortable softness and response to sensation, these balls are easy to clean and sterilize - plus the size makes them perfect for Kegel exercises and G-spot stimulation. 1 1/4 in diameter. One set of 2 balls, assorted colors (please let us choose).

Care and Cleaning: Hard elastomer is nonporous and can be washed in the top rack of a dishwasher. You can also clean elastomer with mild soap and water.

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Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

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Customer Reviews
smartballs review - April 21, 2011
Reviewed By: breeeonme

my smartballs arrived at the office today in discreet packaging & i opened em right up and left to the ladies room to try out my very first pair! insertion was a leeeetle uncomfortable, only because i didn't have any lube at work, but they went in and i thought they were up high enough. a short walk later i realized i needed to re-insert them. i went to the washroom & locked the door so i could rinse of this delicious toy and try again. i managed to set them in place and wore them the rest of the day! at first i had to consciously clench to keep them from falling out, but after about two hours they stayed in place! doing tasks around the office became much more interesting. now that i was aware of the balls, i kept excercising my kegels and was enjoying the sensation. my only complaint is that i couldn't seem to get them rolling around enough just from walking to get really excited, i think i'll start working out with them & go on more vigorous walks during the lunch hour to see if i can get them moving. but once i got home, i grabbed my hitachi and came really quick, what with the feeling of fullness and clenching and the tiniest bit of movement from rocking my hips..... it was lovely. i can't wait ti try out the larger teneo smartballs. these are the best! the weight is just right, enough to feel it but not enough to feel like it's going to fall out any second once you stand up. thank you good vibes! i've been wanting a pair of these ever since i first discovered them on your site!!!! thankfully, now i have. hee hee!
makes being at the office a hell of a lot more enjoyable!

Wow - February 25, 2011
Reviewed By: BettyBop

I just received the smartballs so I decided, what the heck, I'll put 'em in. By the time I walked from my bedroom to up the steps to my office, I was turned on. Minutes later, my first smartball-gasm! Looking forward to having more fun with this toy; good stuff!

Thanks, Good Vibes!!!

Amazingly good - December 8, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

At first, I couldn't feel them at all, except a minor irritation by the string. But when I added some clitoral stimulation with a vibrator, it was truly breathtaking. I'm guessing that the vibrations traveled along the balls to the g-spot.. I haven't had that long and strong an orgasm since I was 20. WOW!

Best balls around!!!!! - December 8, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

These are GREAT!!!!!!! They feel soooo good inside you! Walking feels like your being fingered.Running or dancing feels like your being screwed.Do enough kegels and your likley to CUM. GREAT PRODUCT,I'll never be without a pair as long as there in production. Simply YUMMI!!! These are VERY wearable not too heavy. I have no fear of these making an unwelcome exit as with the old fashioned Ben Wa Balls. Have no fear.

Holy WOW! - December 8, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

Today I bought a vibrator for the very first time. When I got home I decided to try out the SmartBalls and save the vibe for later, since I just wanted to see what they were like. I cleaned them and inserted - very easy to do - then walked across the room to see what they were all about. Ok, felt pretty good. Then I picked up my laundry basket and walked to the basement. OH MY LORD! I'm now desperately trying to find chores to do that will have me walking longer distances! The sensation is low and subtle but builds; it's most noticeable after a few steps when the balls begin to really rock along with your rhythmic walking. And then you stop, and they keep going.... mmmm. As I said, I still haven't tried the vibe yet, but if this was all I'd bought today it would have been VERY well worth it! I want to get these for all of my friends!

pelvic floor- the key to happiness - December 8, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

I am a Midwife and have recommended pelvic floor exercises for years. I have advised many of my clients to buy products such as smart balls to assist in rebuilding pelvic floor muscles. Finally I bought a pair for my self, after surgery. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my pelvic floor muscles were too weak to keep the balls in place! On first use, I walked down the stairs and realized the first ball was slipping out. However, I am not discouraged. This is an indicator of how useful the balls can be as a measure of pelvic strength. I am now using them around the house in increasing doses with the intention of building my pelvic floor muscles. I will soon venture out of the house. As for using the balls for non clinical uses... fabulous!

Fun for Daily Use - December 8, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

I love to insert these before a self-pleasuring session. I like the way that they stay in and add hands-free sensation. They are fun to vibrate and will transmit vibrations from my clit, perineum or anus. I also enjoy wearing them during the day. They give an added dimension of pleasure to ordinary activities like walking the dog or climbing stairs. Working out has never been so much fun!

My little Secret - September 8, 2009
Reviewed By: TJINLB

I love my smart-balls. I wear them when Im going to meet a lover and boy is he surprised when he finds them. Keeps me lubed and mildly aroused until we get behind closed doors. My little secret is so much fun to discover!

They do the Job - June 6, 2009
Reviewed By: Jessie

OH but they are so wonderful! They really do work to exercise your muscles so well! And they are way cheaper on GV then any where else I have looked. If you are going to have a baby they are a must, if you have had a baby they are a necessity. If you use them as the instructions suggest your exercises will get you pretty randy to.

smartballs? - May 6, 2009
Reviewed By: dbt4

Not so smart. The packaging made you think there was something else involved( the magnets holding the packaging together made one think there were watch batteries involved)

No great deal. I'm not so enthuesed and by golly, I'm usually enthused

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