Velvet Rhinestone Vibe

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Phthalates-Free.Waterproof/Water-resistant toy or books.

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

Add a little glam to your play with this velvety vibe featuring a hint of bling around the base. Read More

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Add a little glam to your play with this velvety vibe featuring a hint of bling around the base. Great for internal or external use, the Velvet Rhinestone's smooth shape makes for easy insertion and the waterproof body means this discreet vibe can add a splash of glitz to the bedroom or the bath. And at this price, it’s easy to splurge.

Velvet Rhinestone Vibe
Black ABS plastic
4” Tall x 1 ¼”
1 AA Battery
Volume: 2; Intensity: 3

Care and Cleaning

Brand: Good Vibrations Toys

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Customer Reviews
My First (But Not Last!) Vibrator - October 1, 2010
Reviewed By: FriskLain

After browsing around the selections on the site after awhile, I decided to go into one of the GV stores to check out their selection in-person; this was one of the items I had on my mental list (because of the supposed soft texture and the rhinestones at the base!), and I was pleased they had test models available to feel the difference between and try out the vibration settings. I found I much preferred the vibrators that had a soft, velvety texture to the hard plastic ones, and I also thought this one would be good to start with as it is not extremely long or wide.

The first place I tried it out was the shower (waterproof is a plus too!), and I enjoyed myself so much that I had to use it yet again in my bedroom after I came out of there! The texture feels so good whether the vibration is on or not, and it works as a good massager elsewhere around the body (especially inner thighs and nipples), as well as providing heavenly clit stimulation. It was also surprisingly easy to insert and pull out, and the rhinestone edges are not just there for glitz; they provide a good grip to hold onto while sliding the toy in and out, although if you want to keep it inside, it stays put.

Even after getting a longer vibrator (The C-Spot - keep in mind it has a similar texture though, so if you like this or want something comparable in feel but longer, I'd recommend that), this is the one I continue to use the most. It's the right size (easy to stash away) and feel for me, and the vibration is quiet but ranging from moderate to somewhat powerful. The moderate speed is good for general massage and clit stimulation, the more intense speeds are better when penetrating. It's not overwhelming, but I don't want an intense, and possibly noisy vibrator. This was perfect for me (and my boyfriend likes using it on me too)!

Disappointing - July 5, 2009
Reviewed By: sexaholic

Flashy yes, functional, no. It's too short for deep penetration and the vibration is WEAK. It's only appeal is being water proof, so it just adds a tiny bit more diversity to sex in the shower.

big disappointment - December 23, 2008
Reviewed By: wildone

Not nearly powerful enough with one battery, although it felt fine in the store. The rhinestones are really pretty bit it's a disappointing tease.

disappointed - August 9, 2008
Reviewed By: please me

saw this at the store and while it felt strong in my hand, it was a complete disappointment when i tried it out. definitely not strong enough!

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