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Sophia St. James is a knowledgeable healthcare provider, speaker, sex/kink educator, and presenter. With 15 years of nursing care under her belt, she understands the human body and what makes it tick. Sophia has been an erotic entertainer since 1996. She has traveled the country performing and educating the public on self confidence, self worth, and the art of sensuality no matter their outer appearance. Sophia has since evolved into an educated, knowledgeable, determined person who is as passionate as she is focused. Working as a sex & sensuality educator, sex toy/product reviewer, adult film director/producer, model, and erotic visual performer; Sophia is a well-rounded woman with drive and determination. She started SSJ Entertainment in 2010 and won her first Feminist Porn Award with her directional debut of 'Twisted Getaway' in 2011. Her most recent project, 'Sophia's Cornucopia,' has been nominated for a 2013 Feminist Porn Award. Sophia is also a guest writer for a variety of websites and blogs, and a queer mother who takes pride in being a body positive and sex-positive fierce femme.

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