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Welcome to Libra Season ♎

By: Good Vibrations

Find your balance this fall with Libra energy.


Libra is…




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As we all cozy up for fall, Air sign Libra sleepily wanders into view, coaxing us all to strive for balance and symmetry in all facets of our lives- especially relationships, whether it’s with ourselves or others.


When it comes to the scales of Libra, it’s not all cut and dry what that “balance” we’re looking for can take form as. It could be a literal interpretation, wiping our slates clean from summer chaos and getting ready to bundle up and settle in for a more productive autumn- or it can look like de-cluttering our social lives or finally sorting out any emotional mess that we’ve been pushing aside.

Libra is also ruled by Venus, which is the planet that controls art, beauty, love, and our personal fave- pleasure. Libra is big on self-indulgence and definitely makes sure that they’re never found dull by all work and no play. With a taste for the finer things in life, it’s no surprise that Libra isn’t hesitant to treat themselves before waiting on anyone else to do it for them, taking control of their own wants and needs-- a treat yo self attitude we should all take from time to time.


Calculated yet charming, Libras tend to play well with others, and as cuffing season comes on full-force, Libra energy reminds us to find the balance in our relationships. Communication comes to the forefront of that, and begs us to prioritize finding harmony in our companions not through compromising our own wants and boundaries for the sake of a relationship- but rather finding ways to come to understandings that are mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

If it’s been a while since you’ve really asked yourself or your partner what’s really wanted when it comes to pleasure- make some time to do so. Use the energy of Libra to find something fresh and explore both tried-and-true means and new possibilities to find what fits right in the center for everyone.


So when it comes to treating a Libra, why not try a gift that:

✨ Opens up the conversation to explore, like a game of Sex Questions.

✨ Is luxurious enough to feed that Venus appetite, like the Soraya II vibe.

✨ Finds the balance between naughty and nice, like a double-sided slapper.

✨ Is as charming in the sheets as it is on the streets, like the Crave Vesper necklace.